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The Flight Launch is the newest VR sex toy launched in 2017!

Introducing The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo – Wireless VR Sex Toy for Men

World leading adult pleasure product maker, Interactive Life Forms (AKA Fleshlight), debuted their new interactive sex toy created for adult virtual reality films, The Launch, at SXSW last month. This is something that might just revolutionize the way men masturbate. The Fleshlight Launch is a fully automatic male masturbator that looks just like a black ice bucket. This product was first revealed at the show alongside with adult celebrities like Lisa Ann, Nicole Aniston, Joanna Angel, and Ryan Driller.

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The Fleshlight powered by Kiiroo

More than 800 attendees made they way to attend this special Saturday night event, where founder Steve Shubin showcased The Launch, which was a direct partnership with Amsterdam-based VR sex tech/toys specialist, Kiiroo. Steve also noted that the partnership with Kiiroo is only the first step to creating even more exciting products.


The Fleshlight Launch Debuts at SXSW

Compared to previous products on the market, the Launch is much quieter and user-friendly. The noise resembles the sound of a small inkjet printer. If your room is super quiet, it will still be noticeable. However, if you just have a fan on, no one can really hear it.

vr sex toy

Here’s sample sound, as you can see there is huge sound difference!!

The machine itself is very well built and the motions feel better than the Autoblow 2. The manual mode can be boring thou. The battery appears to last a while, and app pairing is very easy. The only awkward thing is that since the charge port is on the back of the device, so it won’t stand up.

The controls are very responsive but sometimes may be hard to know if you have successfully pressed it. It might take a few swipe to pass from slow to high speed.

The Launch firmware for Feelme.com platform will also be continuously updated. There’s also an adaptor coming up for the none full-size Fleshlight in the near future. The device is not exclusive to sync to Feelme.com, you can also go to websites such as FeelXVideos or FeelPornStars. The company is also constantly forming new partnerships with content makes, and even considering integrating a “submit your own vide” section, where it can be encoded and made interactive.

The Launch includes a Fleshlight, USB charging cable, warranty card, and instruction manuals.
Technical Specifications

* 2kg with a Fleshlight
* 2hrs run time
* 6-9 hrs charging time

If you want to use the product offline, you can do so with the two manual function modes. This means without watching porn, you can still have the machine whack off for you with or without a visual content such as TV, computer, or smartphone.


The Launch is significantly quieter than the Autoblow 2

The Launch is also quieter compared to the Autoblow 2. You can ensure that as long as you do not use it in the fastest mode, people in the house will not be able to find out what you are up to. The material is made of a body-safe material and can be substituted with any kind of Fleshlight device. The device is customizable to which porn star’s Fleshlight you wish to insert into the device.

Riley Reid Fleshlight for The Launch

Imagine that you can be watching Riley Reid’s scene while having a replicable of her pussy gliding you to climax, with the video synced with the device. This is as close of an experience anyone can get with having sex with your favorite porn star. Not only is the device lightweight, the wireless function will allow you to take this to your bed and have a wonderful time by yourself. The easy to clean The Launch is also compatible with the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl. At high speed, this device can stroke up to 180 times per minute.

One drawback is the size of the product is not the easiest thing to hide around the house. It probably wouldn’t take long before mom or your girlfriend asks you what this is.

In conclusion, The Launch is possibly the best sex toy innovation of 2017. We have tried numerous sex toy products and this one tops them all. It is as close to as having a sex with a robot, leaving endless imagination as far as what we might accomplish one day with VR, AR, and mix reality porn. This product is significantly better built than Kiiroo’s previous Onyx. The thrust and friction are very well designed, and being able to attach it hands free provides the optimum erotic sex experienced ever simulated.

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