Fove VR eye tracking hmd

FOVE VR Eye Trackikng HMD Opens New Doors

FOVE was one of the 13 companies accepted into the “River” program by Rothenberg Ventures. They were also the first Japanese company to enter the Microsoft Ventures London Accelerator Program.



FOVE is the world’s first consumer orientated eye tracking head mount display. Their device combines a cutting edge display, eye tracking, orientation sensing, and head position tracking into a single package, allowing users to control the 360°/360° virtual world freely with their eyes.

fove head mounted display japan

The application of FOVE technology can be used across a wide variety of sectors, such as:

Action game

fove action game


Quickly aim virtual weapons with your gaze. Lock onto multiple moving targets within the blink of an eye. Virtual battlefields can be controlled in intuitive, novel ways.


Interactive cinema

interactive cinema fove


By selectively blurring areas that are not being focused on, realistic graphics can be produced that are much more difficult to distinguish from reality. Virtual characters can know where the user is looking, and make eye contact or exchange glances, enabling much more delicate interaction than ever before.


Medical field

medical field fove


People with restricted use of their hands can use their eyes to enjoy the world FOVE creates. Patients may simulate the use of mouse and keyboard using their own eyes without or with minimal assistance from caregivers.






FOVE’s “Eye Play the Piano” Project is a collaborative project between the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged. In partnership, they have developed the “Universal Piano” that allows a person to play the piano without the use of hands or arms, instead through FOVE’s eye tracking HMD.


Their eye tracking technology sensor tracks gaze position in real-time, enabling interaction with virtual objects.


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