Full Length VR + Television Series to Debut on All Virtual Reality Devices

Remember is a first of its kind sci-fi series, the first in the world to debut as both a Television series and Virtual Reality 360 narrative. LENS Immersive, Pioneer AR/VR Studio and The Pulse VR debut a new, dramatic science-fiction narrative series of thirteen, 20 minute episodes. The Remember Series explores our relationship and reliance on technology as well as its influence on our own identity.


As a world’s first, Remember defines long format VR narrative – by adopting a dramatic tonality with blockbuster action. Pushing the envelope of nascent VR series, Remember throws the viewer into a first person dystopian future where personal memories are but another digital asset.


For a full 20 minutes per episode, the audience is given the chance to explore the future as if sifting through their own memories. The cinematic fourth wall is broken through, where not only the line between the subject and the camera is blurred, but the difference between storyteller and audience disappears. “Are you ready to Remember?”


Director George Kacevski, “VR has not only allowed us to expand on how we tell stories, but also how we engage with them. We believe Virtual Reality is a new consumption medium, built for experiencing different methods of storytelling. What we are exploring with Remember has bridged the gap between 360 videos and traditional cinema. “Remember” is fully immersive and dynamic, allowing the audience to step fully into the story in a new way.”


Remember will premiere at the 2016 International Film Festival & Awards, Macau (IFFAM), followed shortly by a full global release in English and Mandarin, available exclusively through www.lens-immersive.com. Remember will showcase an innovative new technique in filmmaking, VRPlus. By combining traditional cinema with new 360 storytelling, VRPlus transports the audience into Remember as a ground-breakingly new visual language. Unconstrained by current 360 video technical limitations and utilizing traditional film best practices, VRPlus allows the audience an experience more engaging than any other format.


Remember was shot on location in Australia and Macau and features Rosie Lourde (Starting From Now), Roger Sciberras (Fool’s Gold) and the voices of Cam Ralph and Paige Walker. With Executive Producers Travis Rice, Jay Chun and Yan Chen it is produced by Shane Fernandez and directed by George Kacevski and Frederic Simard.Remember premieres on December 10th at the Macau Film Festival and will be immediately available internationally in 4K streaming video for any VR headset, on the LENS platform (lens-immersive.com).


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