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The Future Of Film And Advertising Has Arrived In NYC With VRAccelerator

Leading photography and multimedia studio complex PIER59 STUDIOS announces today that VRAccelerator (VRA), the first premium, fully integrated Volumetric Capture stage in America, is now open and available for creative inspiration and commercial activation. VRA’s Vol-Cap (Volumetric Video Capture) system captures the highest fidelity moving holograms for use in augmented and virtual reality experiences, as well as traditional 2D film and video. This revolutionary technology will change the way the fashion, advertising, publishing and health and fitness industries connect with their customers by showcasing visual images and movement in a four dimensional, interactive format.

Check out the demo video here!

“Innovation is critical for established companies to stay relevant in the face of change and disruption,” said Federico Pignatelli, Owner, PIER59 STUDIOS and Co-Founder of VRAccelerator. “We are passionate about offering our current and new clients a studio in NYC that can implement augmented reality technology right now so they can stay competitive in the ever-changing fashion and advertising landscape.”

VRA’s 2,000 square foot column-less dark studio boasts a newly installed state-of-the-art volumetric video capture system that shoots live-action, 60fps footage simultaneously with multiple arrays of machine vision cameras, bringing natural motion, realistic physics and high-fidelity textures to the worlds of 3D, e-commerce, marketing and film. Volumetric goes beyond existing motion capture technologies and captures the natural fluid movement of clothing, expression and muscle flexes.

“The fashion, advertising, health and fitness industries can now add realistic looking augmented reality for 4D commercial use ,” added Michael Deathless, Co-Founder, VRAccelerator. “Consumer brands are looking for original and creative ways to engage their users and we are thrilled to launch at PIER59 STUDIOS a commercial location that delivers the highest level of expertise and successful implementation of visual 4D. In addition, VRAccelerator 4D imagery can now easily be accessible on a mobile device, forever changing the way consumers interact with leading brands.”

“As a recent production”, said Mr. Deathless, “we engaged in a revolutionary collaboration with luxury publishing house Assouline and Interview Magazine.”

VRAccelerator recently launched the free app, Interview Covers. The app adds a 4D experience to the recently released commemorative book Interview: 50 Years by allowing readers to explore Interview magazine covers from a never-before-seen catalog of the magazine’s extensive history. The VRAccelerator augmented reality feature is easily accessible from a user’s digital device, and represents a giant leap in user interface design. It points the way forward for augmented reality data visualization.

Alex Assouline, Vice President Assouline Publishing said “Our collaboration with VRAccelerator was crucial in helping to bring our latest title, “Interview: 50 Years,” to life. We had such a positive response to this interactive component, and are confident that additional content through digital experiences is the direction that publishing should take.”

Additional details of the VRA Vol-Cap System include a large capture zone measuring 3 meters (9′ 10″) in diameter with uniform, high-quality volumetric reconstruction throughout the capture zone. Filming is recorded at 30 fps or 60 fps with local data processing all in high-quality volumetric sequences in industry standard formats. Plug-in technology for the 3D engines Unity® and Unreal® is part of the system. VRAccelator also has developed a unique system of lighting in partnership with ARRI, the leading light technology manufacturer that is used to make Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Deathless revealed, “We are constantly experimenting and innovating with hardware, software and our pipeline in order to offer the best results in the world to our clients. We aim to be the Hollywood of Mixed Reality production.”

A full-service solution, VRA also provides AR/VR development and consulting services across industries, including fashion, advertising, and publishing, and can supply video, photographers and crew. VRA provides 360 video production services across the globe and have recorded in America, Mexico and Japan. Additionally, through PIER59 STUDIOS, VRA clients have the ability to leverage not only cutting-edge technologies but also an in-house model agency, stylists, makeup artists and catering.


Founded in 1995 by Federico Pignatelli and his Art and Fashion Group Corporation, Pier59 Studios is an 110,000 square-foot premier photography and multimedia studio located at Chelsea Piers in New York City. As the largest photography facility and multimedia single Studio complex in the World, with over 2500 advertising campaigns produced yearly, the space is equipped with state of the art technology, including AR and VR, to accommodate any needs of video-photographers, designers, advertising agencies and television and film production companies. Pier59 Studios features 11 column-free studio spaces, including a 6,500 square-foot sound stage constructed for live performances, special events, video and commercial projects. Nine studios are naturally lit and contain retractable walls to allow for unparalleled space modularity in Manhattan.

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About VRAccelerator’s Cofounders – Federico Pignatelli and Michael Deathless

Federico Pignatelli, President and Cofounder, VRAccelerator

Mr. Pignatelli serves as president, owner, and founder of the world’s largest and most renowned photo studio complex, PIER59 STUDIOS. Mr. Pignatelli plays integral roles at PIER59 STUDIOS, which is commonly referred to as, “The Hollywood of Photography.” Pignatelli also is the owner and president of ART AND FASHION GROUP (AFG). Under Pignatelli’s direction, Pier59 Studios and AFG tends to the diverse needs of the advertising and fashion industries from New York to Los Angeles.

After working as a Managing Director for several major New York investment banking and brokerage firms, including E.F. Hutton, Ladenburg & Thalmann and Gruntal Co., Mr. Pignatelli founded his own investment banking firm, EuroCapital Partners. After several successful and rewarding years in the investment banking business, Pignatelli decided to nurture his enduring passion for photography. This led him to the creation of PIER59 STUDIOS that opened in January 1995. Pignatelli has always been a passionate admirer and collector of photography. As a photographer in his own right, many of his photographs have been published – including those appearing within his book, “THE GREAT BEAUTY.” His creative passion stems far beyond the photographic realm. Pignatelli is, at heart, also a designer and architect. Pignatelli has homes in New York, Beverly Hills and in Milano (Italy).

Michael Deathless, CEO and Cofounder, VRAccelerator

Michael Deathless is the CEO and Cofounder of VRAccelerator. Deathless is the Creator and Cofounder of Jump Into The Light, the first VR arcade in the western hemisphere. VRAccelerator provides top of the line volcap and mocap services in the heart of Manhattan. VRA also provides XR development and consulting services for the Fashion and Advertising Industries. Michael has had a long career in software development, working with such clients as Gucci, Planned Parenthood and He previously owned a street art gallery in Berlin, worked in music production at the biggest studios in NYC, and has spent considerable time in India. He has spoken about VR at NYVR Expo, Jump Into VR Fest, IFP Conference and SoHo House, and has been featured in the NY Times, Time Out New York, SnapChat TV, and CBS News among others.

Author: VR Reporter

I am a hi-tech enthusiast, VR evangelist, and a Co-founder & Chief Director at Virtual Reality Reporter!

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