Future Lighthouse Brings to Life Most Ambitious Branded Virtual Reality Campaign to Date

BeefeaterXO takes you on an immersive journey inside the mind of famed Chef Dabiz Muñoz

Fighting cyclopes, enchanting sirens, and mythical creatures inhabit a branded virtual reality experience like no other. Future Lighthouse, one of the world’s leading virtual reality studios, breathed life into these creatures in the biggest branded virtual reality campaign to date, BeefeaterXO. Future Lighthouse, which specializes in VR fiction and narrative, partnered with Pernod Ricard Spain and Spanish advertising agency La Despensa to create the most ambitious VR experience created by any brand.

During 10 weeks, the branded campaign takes viewers on a virtual reality journey inside the fantastical interpretations of DiverXO’s Dabiz Muñoz’s travels through Bangkok, Venice, Bombay (Mumbai), and London, combining the culinary excellence and eccentricities of the youngest chef to ever receive 3 Michelin stars with the versatility of Beefeater, the number one spirit brand in Spain. It took a visionary brand ready to push boundaries of storytelling, art and technology, and Future Lighthouse’s VR vision to create a first-of-a-kind immersive voyage.

“Great advertising is more than a reflection of our dreams, it’s about telling the story behind the product and giving it space in our own story as consumers,” says Nicolás Alcalá, famed Spanish filmmaker, Future Lighthouse’s CEO and creative director. “BeefeaterXO is exactly that. It’s a leading brand like Beefeater sitting at a table with a futuristic content creation company and trusting them to create art that pushes the boundaries of narrative and technology. It’s about a campaign that uses the best storytelling tool invented to date to create a campaign of a scope and ambition never seen before.”

More than 50 actors and 60 artists, technicians, engineers, and storytellers molded this amazing stereoscopic 4K 360 culinary enfant terrible. Lasting a total of 6 minutes, this VR narrative is an interactive adventure where the viewer can decide where to look and where their gaze will take them on the journey. The 360-degree, 3D experience with immersive audio was shot during 5 days and took over 4,000 hours of post production.

“What we, creators, achieve in the next years with Virtual Reality, will define how stories are told for the next three or four decades to come. BeefeaterXO is our contribution to crafting this new art, and reinventing advertising forever,” concluded Alcalá.

Accessible from the BeefeaterXO app and viewable on mobile and high end VR head mounted displays, the campaign is an ambitious project that will not disappoint even those with the most discerning palette for VR content. It is viewable in English and Spanish from the Oculus Store.

About Future Lighthouse

Future Lighthouse is one of the leading virtual reality studios operating at the crossroads of storytelling and technology. With offices in Los Angeles and Madrid, we specialize in VR narrative and fiction.

Our studio develops new experiences for brands and networks, innovating in both form and content. We’ve worked with Sony Entertainment, Digital Domain, RTVE, Fly Emirates, and Pernod Ricard. We also produce original content like our films Tomorrow, Ray, and Melita which have been selected by film festivals such as Raindance, Oxford International Film Festival, and Filmteractive. Our films/experiences have also been screened at SXSW, Raindance (China & London), and Sonar (Barcelona).

Follow Future Lighthouse on Twitter @LighthouseVR or on Facebook at Future Lighthouse.

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