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THE FUTURE IS ROSE COLORED – An Original Anthology VR Series Pilot

INVAR Studios will be premiering Rose Colored at VRLA on April 14-15th at Booth #431. In the meantime, check out the new Rose Colored trailer!


ROSE COLORED is the pilot for an anthology VR series (15 episodes x 15 min) about emerging technologies and their impact on our experience of life. It’s a show that dares to ask the question “what if we believed we are empowered to make good choices about how technology is used in our world?”

Rose Colored lives at the opposite end of the spectrum from the nihilistic glamorization of our plight that has become our cultural default setting. It is unswerving in its gaze at the hard realities, but unapologetically optimistic in its depiction of what possibilities may occur.

The full project is 16 minutes long, and features 6K video with 3D Spatial. Our writer/director Adam Cosco’s previous film KNIVES garnered critical praise and was nominated for both PROTO and LUMIERE awards.


About Invar Studios: One of the biggest obstacles holding back the mass adoption of VR/AR is the lack of quality content. INVAR Studios is bridging this gap by creating Hollywood-level original content for VR & AR applications atop full stack cloud solutions.

INVAR is able to create such great content even in the currently uncharted and expensive VR/AR landscape with our developed ecosystem and powerful industry partnerships like with Mixed Immersion and Sammur.AI

Mixed Immersion provided 3D Spatial Audio which resulted in a ‘natural’ hearing experience through Rose Colored. The Spatial audio uses the very latest in 3D audio technology & innovation but also relies upon a deep knowledge on how sound works within the real ‘3D world’ around us.

Sammur.AI is an AI enabled virtual sales assistant that enables customers to visually search and compare multiple products, answers customer queries about the product via chatbot all without leaving the store/brands app. Sammur.AI tracks user engagement with the products, opening new avenues for stores and brands to engage with customers like never before.

Post production for ROSE COLORED has benefitted from the generous contribution of powerful VR computers from AMD Radeon!

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