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The Future of Virtual Reality Presents New Opportunities

Let’s take it back to over a hundred years ago when the plane was yet to be invented. We didn’t know of jobs like flight attendants, pilots, or the ground crew. Neither was there a need for reservation of flights online, using tools to compare prices nor other related jobs. The computer and Internet were still not introduced when the first flight was made. Now, look at how much changes we have experienced over time.

The same applies to VR (virtual reality); when the market experiences a new invention, there would be new partnerships and job opportunities that come with it. Just as we now have online casinos allowing players enjoy several opportunities with the likes of no deposit welcome bonus slots. However, not only the new invention itself influences such opportunities, the support and maintenance of the innovation also creates new chances – Virtual Reality is one of such inventions.

Potential business opportunities that the future of VR might bring

Virtual Reality Developer: We already have several firms carrying out the development of virtual reality. The demand for VR developers keeps increasing as the number of investors pumping cash into virtual reality keeps increasing. And this increment will keep growing for many years to come.

360 Video Production: Presently, one of the most available and widespread pieces of content made with VR are the 360-degree created videos. The fact that creating a 360 video does not need a PC or a luxurious headset makes it very conducive for every consumer. And because they are not that expensive to produce in comparison to a fully immersive experience, this makes them comfortable for producers as well. All these weren’t available a few years ago, but now we have more 360 videos produced every year.

Virtual Reality UI/UX Designer: The users should be at the forefront when thinking of an immersive experience. UI (user interface) and UX (user experience design are highly essential when the matter of desktop and mobile application creation arises – these are essential to virtual reality. The users are given a more heightened experience while avoiding motion illness – all thanks to UX for VR. We can see a lot of casino game lovers enjoying a new user experience, all thanks to virtual reality’s integration to games. More about such amazing games can be seen via uk online casino reviews at 777Spin Slot. Though at the moments, we do not have a set of manufacturing standards for UX and UI in VR, but this will be resolved soon. Achieving this, however, would be easier with the use of UX/UI designers alongside VR consulting agencies.

VR supported centres for therapy: Do you know that at the moment, there’s an 18 % of the United State’s population suffering from anxiety and 7.8 % suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? It has been seen that VR is applicable in the treatment of anxiety disorders and PTSD. It is presently being used in exposure therapy to gradually emulate the situations that elevate anxiety and PTSD in people. Don’t be surprised to see more and more therapy centres that use VR around the county.

VR Payment Systems: One efficient means that retailers depend on to take care of declining in-store purchases is the virtual world. Well, we have several questions popping up as a result of such idea. They include how consumers would make payment, are we expecting another virtual currency other than bitcoin? Who’s going to manage it? And so on….

Alibaba might have given an answer to most of these questions with its recent introduction of virtual reality system of payment. This is a process that allows consumers to pay for items simply by nodding their head.



These are just a few of the great opportunities that virtual reality might bring along. Stay tuned and make sure you take advantage of some of the new opportunities.

Author: VR Reporter

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