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Developer TimefireVR Launches their Dynamic, Family Friendly PC Virtual Reality Universe, Featuring Support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Virtual Reality Devices

TimefireVR, an innovator in the creation of virtual reality-based content and services — announced today the “Grand Opening” of Hypatia, their persistent virtual city shaped by the imagination of its residents. Hypatia is a Windows PC VR-supported experience where virtual citizens around the world join together to let their creativity flourish through collaborative art-making, shared mini-games and social experiences that affect an expansive, globally-inspired city. Hypatia is Free-to-Play and available on Steam and the Oculus Store today, with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Touch controls.

“The Grand Opening of Hypatia marks a significant step forward in TimefireVR’s mission to create an experiential social playground that encourages learning and creative expression,” said Jeffrey Rassás, CEO of TimefireVR. “In Hypatia, participants are limited only by their imagination. This is not just a game, it’s a living, breathing place, and we’re thrilled to open its doors to a global audience and see it flourish.”

Hypatia is unlike any other social VR game available, trading isolated activities for a dynamic, living world that players can watch grow over time by experiencing and sharing each other’s artistic creations. Hypatia’s pioneering citizens can paint, sculpt, and animate their own art pieces, perform stage plays together, try their hands at virtual photography, and so much more. Careful moderation also ensures the city remains a welcoming, inclusive space. Each unique building and district of Hypatia offers exciting activities and mini-games — including boat racing between islands, shopping at zero gravity malls or taking part in alien space battles. In the city of Hypatia, creators and players can find a safe space, where there’s guaranteed fun for players of all ages and limitless possibilities.

Upon launching the game, players are given the keys to the city to explore Hypatia’s many unique streets and buildings. Inhabitants of the city are free to visit Hypatia’s landmark locations, which include:


Centrum – The hub zone where players can hang out to get a taste for what Hypatia has to offer. Basic activities are available as well as a street market, a welcoming hot air balloon tour, and pathways that lead players toward the city’s other districts and venues.

Mango Shopping Center – A three-story building where players can browse a variety of stores and test out fun toys and tools, as well as purchase items for use anywhere in the city

Sprite Park – A vibrant cartoon-inspired space where players can relax and take in the scenery, or play a game of hide-and-seek with the Sprite King

Creative Art Studio – Accessible from Centrum, this fully-featured art gallery gives players numerous tools to compose works of art by themselves, or collaboratively with others — from canvas paintings, 3D sculptures, and 2D animated flipbooks. Art submissions can be voted on by the community, offering a friendly environment, with constructive feedback for creators!

Theater Du Nul – The Vaudevillian theatre is open for performers and audiences alike. Players can put on amusing shows as they roleplay with an assortment of props, or join the audience and voice their opinions by clapping or throwing fruit!

A Living City, Crafted by You – Hypatia features dozens of locations, complete with their own activities and experiences. The city will change and grow over time, as players make their marks and new game updates arrive!

Hypatia’s Grand Opening is only the start of TimefireVR’s journey toward creating a realistic yet fantastical virtual city.

Hypatia supports seated, standing and room-scale VR for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well as standard non-VR play. It is available now for Windows PC for free through Steam and the Oculus Store.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/401970/Hypatia

Oculus Store: PENDING

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About TimefireVR:

TimefireVR is an Arizona based Technology Company established mid-2014 to develop virtual reality content, tools, and services. Our first product is a massive, collaborative open world titled Hypatia, a truly social online destination featuring commerce, entertainment, and a safe, welcoming environment to explore cultural and educational opportunities. Based on architectural influences initially beginning with Amsterdam but ultimately from various other world capitals, TimefireVR’s Hypatia will provide a rich, multi-cultural, creative and participative world where the reward is immersed in experiential learning and global friendships.

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