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G’Audio Lab, the industry leader in interactive 3D audio solutions has announced the official launch of G’Audio Works, a spatial audio plug-in for Digital Audio Workstation. During its beta period, Works proved to enable filmmakers and sound engineering professionals to provide life-like hearing experiences to the end user, by placing them in the soundscape and accurately reproducing the direction and position of sounds in a given environment.

“We’re passionate about empowering VR content creators across the film, animation and gaming industries to produce more immersive experiences, which require fully interactive 3D audio to support 3D video components,” said Henney Oh, CEO and founder of G’Audio Lab. “Works delivers unparalleled freedom for mixing multiple audio signals to create the most realistic sounds possible.”

Incorporating the company’s patented binaural rendering technology, which was selected as part of the Moving Picture Experts Group’s 3D Audio international standards (MPEG-H 3D Audio), G’Audio’s suite of tools apply head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) data to tailor sound per the average human’s head and ears to simulate actual hearing mechanisms. Guaranteeing accurate sound reproduction, Works can be seamlessly added to Pro Tools as an AAX plug-in with the following features and capabilities at no cost:

  • Supports the simultaneous use of three audio signals to create realistic sound with environmental ambience:

    • Simple mono tracks to represent sound coming from objects

    • Traditional 2.0 or 5.1 channel-based tracks

    • Ambisonics to deliver sounds captured by 360° microphones

  • Enables users to edit as they watch in order to synchronize the reference video and audio in head-mounted display (HMD) view, Panoramic view or Map view

  • Supports offline bouncing so users can export work 30 times faster than realtime bouncing, which requires the video file to play in full

When Works is used in combination with G’Audio Sol, the company’s spatial audio rendering player, VR sound becomes more interactive than ever by reflecting the listener’s head orientation and interactive motions with real-time calculation of relative sound source positions. Works and Sol are the only tools in the industry that support both First Order Ambisonic (FOA) format and G’Audio’s proprietary GAO format, a mixture of mono, channel, ambisonics based audio signals designed to deliver 3D audio to its fullest potential.

“While today’s 3D movies and interactive video content are successfully immersing users in a simulated experience, there’s still a void in the market for audio solutions that can deliver truly interactive sound,” said Oh. “We are filling that void by offering the interactive 3D audio tools needed to cultivate better and more dynamic sound experiences with any regular headphones.”


Works is available to download for free from the company website. Please visit http://www.gaudiolab.com/ and view demo videos HERE.

About G’Audio Lab

G’Audio Lab is a spatial audio company dedicated to developing immersive, state-of-the-art audio production software solutions for creative professionals. Combining 3D sound with interactivity, G’Audio’s suite of tools, including G’Audio Works, G’Audio Sol and G’Audio Craft, offer full stereophonic sounds and seamless integration for cinematic VR, 360° video and VR gaming projects.

G’Audio’s team of experienced sound experts hold numerous patents and the company’s core binaural rendering technology was adopted as part of next generation international 3D audio standard MPEG-H 3D Audio.

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