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GenesisVR is a virtual reality creative studio located in Amsterdam at the renowned Technology Hug: A-LAB. Founded by Ayden Abdine, a VR Audio-Video Producer/Strategy specialist. The vision and mission of the VR startup derived from realizing what they can do with a list of great contacts commercially and talent-wise in the VR spectrum and within the ecosystem. GenesisVR is born! The team had setup a recruitment agency specifically to recruit and help promote VR related talents, entity, work, content and artist profiles.

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GenesisVR is here to help connect the dots, connecting VR related talents with VR startups, companies, entities that are looking to hire the suitable talents! Ayden and his two partners Shayne Smart ( GenesisVR Partner, VR Business Developer ) and Jilt van Moorst ( GenesisVR Partner, VR Developer/Interaction Designer ) are also currently involved in virtual reality content product, therefore, it gives GenesisVR a core-advantage, as they truly understand the nuts and bolts, the essential and fundamental requirements regarding the VR industry standard, required skills and VR project budget planning and implementation.


GenesisVR is setting their primary focus on commercial VR projects that could come in the form of a 360 VR video, an animated mixed or virtual reality application for mobile VR headsets, or a full-fledged application using a desktop headset such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.


Genesis VR also provides virtual reality based services including:

Visual Workshops

3d modelling & animation

Unity3D development

UX design & development

Audio design

VR showroom setup

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Q&A Session With GenesisVR

Q: How did you come about starting the first ever virtual and augmented reality specific recruitment agency?

A: For the past couple of years ever since the resurgence of VR we’ve been attending loads of conferences, meeting great people, as well as working at Genesis VR which is our own VR studio.

We came to realise that VR is something a lot of talented people we knew wanted to do for a living but were unsure as to how to go about getting work. So we setup a recruitment side to our business to be able to help out where we could.


Q: Same thing goes vice versa we take it….

A: Absolutely. Prior to starting up Genesis VR, my partners and I worked for some big name brands on different multimedia and business development projects. We’ve maintained great relationships…a brand might want to venture into VR but need the help of a specialised recruitment agency to get a team together.


Q: How does one signup?

A: Through our website ( We’re specifically focused on mixed reality projects and skills, so only virtual, augmented or holographic requests are accepted. We review the work and then hopefully find a match for the talent or the employer.


Q: Region?

A: Worldwide (we’re based in Amsterdam right now).


Q: So any kind of skill sets in those areas?

A: Yes we have some examples on our website for reference but we’re easy to get hold of by email if there are any questions.


Q: Well there should be quite some work coming up as VR gets bigger…

A: Forecasters are dropping numbers like $150 billion by 2020 so at that rate, the future looks like a great place for our sector. We imagine in the not too distant future we’ll be meeting new people and connecting them in realtime with the help of holographics. That would definitely be more exciting than email!


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