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Have you ever dreamed to travel the outer space and experienced a miraculous life with aliens? If yes, then you must be blown away by the world’s largest virtual reality sci-fi theme park named as “Oriental Sci-Fi Valley(东方科幻谷in Chinese)”, which is also the first VR theme park in China!

Oriental Sci-Fi Valley projected to build 13 themed pavilions and cover approximately 13,000 sq.m, has been invested as high as 1 billion. VR roller coaster, VR movie, VR rides and other exhilarating experience! Cannot wait to get into this wonderful land? No hurries! It is set to open in December!

The jaw-dropping “Alien Base” as the first phrase of the whole program features a rich variety of VR games and scene experience. Alien Base creates a rare opportunity for you experience something you may never ever make it. For instance, the immersive VR devices bring you a dreamlike space and time travel, where you could take a ride on UFO and battle mega dragon. Surprisingly, its cutting-edge VR & AR technologies can also provide an immersive space for you to live alongside the aliens.

The gigantic transformer statue is 53 meters high, being the largest one in the world. It is constructed out of 750 tonnes of steel, the weight of two Boeing 747 aircraft.

Besides the above impressive and magnificent spots, a new project will be designed for the production of virtual reality movie while the to-notch media research and development center will also be built.

For better VR experience, the VR headset and other e-products will be prepared for visitors once they get in. In this case, VR players will immerse themselves in games.

In general, the groundbreaking of this VR theme park voices the tremendous potential of VR market in China for the Chinese has increasingly raised their awareness to enjoy this innovative technology. For VR & AR entertainment, the market scale in China has been skyrocketed in recent years. A great number of foreign VR brands flood into China every year, let alone the burgeoning local-based brands. 2018 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit slated on April 3-5, 2018 in Guangzhou China will be the top priority to learn Chinese VR & AR market. For more info, please visit

Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit

Date: April 3rd-5th, 2018

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex (Area A)·Guangzhou


Exhibiting & Visiting Contact: Ms. Dora

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