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Ghost In The Shell Movie With Virtual Reality Scene

Ghost in the Shell ( 攻殼機動隊 ) is a legendary Japanese anime series debuted in Japan 20 years ago in 1995, the origin, which is the manga version of Ghost in the shell dated all the way in 1989. The word ghost here symbolizes “Soul” and shell symbolizes “human body” in a sci-fi sense.



Virtual Reality Plays an Important Part in Original Ghost in the Shell

virtual reality ghost in the shell

Incorporating virtual reality element only seems legit and makes sense, since the original plot has many VR scene and elements!


Ghost in the shell has achieved a cult status among anime and manga enthusiasts. Another cult-classic anime of the same era that is more publicized and well-known in Western world is Akira from 1988. Both are way beyond its time, based on futuristic concept, ideology, technology, flying cars, highly advance robots with self-consciousness, cyborg against human warfares, humans with % of robotic body parts and YES, you guessed it, virtual reality and augmented reality!



In the sci-fi and fictional world of Ghost in the shell, the romanticism lies in the idea that human’s consciousness could be connected virtually. However, there is a great danger to the idea as well, as one can access other’s virtual consciousness with a consent or one can hack it. When inside one’s own or other’s virtual world or virtual consciousness, memories are stored in the forms of augmented reality icons of carousels that can be flipped, accessed, removed or stolen.


When inside Ghost in the Shell’s virtual environment, everyone would have their personal virtual avatar, even robots. The avatar’s feelings and consciousness is tied to the owner of the avatar, in another words, if the avatar is damaged, the avatar owner’s brain would be damaged as well.


scarlette johansson starting ghost in the shell movie

Is Scarlett Johansson the right candidate for the role?


The Hollywood version of the cult classic will be directed by Rupert Sanders, and starring Scarlett Johansson, who was in Lucy and another not so well-known and harder to understand sci-fi film “Under the Skin.”


Rupert Sanders ghost in the shell

Rupert Sanders will direct Ghosh in the Shell!


Virtual Reality Content In Ghost in the Shell Movie

According to Upload VR, the movie is set to debut in Spring 2017, a source who is close to Dreamworks, the studio that’s producing the Ghost in the Shell, has been talking to Sixense, who is a major player in virtual reality industry.


robots virtual reality manga ghost in the shell

Ghost in the Shell is a cult classic since early 90’s, the characters have been re-invented many times. We can’t wait to see how Rupert Sanders is going to interpret the characters and keeping their original aura!


We’d expect seeing some amazing VR content in Ghost in the Shell. We’d guess virtual reality content is going to play a important role in the film, since Ghost in the Shell’s story line evolves around fierce battles, cyborgs, robotic humans and virtual reality.


The news of Ghost in the Shell Hollywood movie reincarnation is extremely exciting to me, I am a die-hard manga and anime collector, I have the entire collection for years. Ghost in the Shell has been recreated in many formats over the years by Japanese, I can’t wait to see how Hollywood cast and Dreamworks are going to interpret it.


攻殼機動隊電影版 2017 scarlett johansson


In recent years, Hollywood has start digging Japanese manga’s archive for movie ideas and script, Attack on Titan ( 2018 ) is another example, many manga’s concept and story are way ahead of its time. The archive is a truly a treasure island waiting to be exploited. Thanks to Upload VR for the great news report and we are looking forward to Ghost in the Shell Spring 2017 release. Are we going to watch it on VR heads? I hope we are!


Image & Content Source:  Upload VR, Ghost in the Shell image archive


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