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Hot Porn Star Gina Valentina Shoots 20th Scene for WankzVR

Gina Valentina has performed her 20th scene for WankzVR, starring in its newest virtual reality scene, “Open House.”

According to the studio, no other contract performer has appeared in more virtual scenes or for more time-on-screen in VR than Gina.

“Her dedication and experience in shooting 180-degree adult content were on full display once more in the one-on-one experience, “Open House,” said a studio representative. “Since the release of ‘Open House,’ Gina’s newest scene is rated at 96 percent among active members. This strong showing during the initial 72 hours demonstrates the impact of Gina’s scene and feedback inside the WankzVR member forum has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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The opening sequence of “Open House” made use of the innovative WankzVR moving camera rig. The end result was a smooth and realistic sensation of moving through the 180-degree space and without any motion sickness.

“We’ve worked hard to improve our moving steady rig,” the representative added. “Since our early tests, our newest solution has given us superb results and Gina’s 20th appearance was the perfect excuse to deliver a more dynamic experience.”

In “Open House,” Gina invites the viewer to join her at a swanky cottage to enjoy some much-needed privacy. Gina becomes a bikini-clad tour guide in this playful and memorable experience where things really heat up after arriving at the hot tub.

As with all of Gina’s previous scenes and the 345 other productions offered at WankzVR, “Open House” is available for download and streaming playback in multiple resolutions for Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Gear VR, Daydream, Cardboard and Mixed Reality headsets.

“Open House” can be seen here.

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