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Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss – The Revolutionary Update

Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss, the avant-garde creation that shook the virtual world last month, is all set to enhance its legacy with its first post-launch Champion, released today exclusively on Quest.

From Early Access to a Robust Launch

Debuted on App Lab in its preliminary phase, Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss swiftly captured the essence of a MOBA-like real-time battle environment. Embracing the live-service methodology for content enhancement, this epoch-making update sponsored by Polyarc announces the game’s transition into open beta, effective September 26, and introduces its next formidable character.

MJ22 (Mojo): A Gentle Juggernaut

Embarking upon the arena is the latest champion, MJ22, fondly referred to as Mojo. This Forged automaton, initially conceptualized for warfare, carries a surprisingly amicable trait – an affinity for endearing embraces.

‘Free Hugs’: The Game-Changer

Mojo’s pre-eminent ‘Free Hugs’ aptitude sets a new benchmark in the game dynamics. This innate ability facilitates the player to magnetize the rival squad’s Champions in Mojo’s direction. The prowess of ‘Free Hugs’ amplifies with progressing levels, extending its reach and decelerating the target. It ingeniously dismantles adversary formations, offering strategic advantages like repositioning opponent Champions, making them susceptible to your base’s Defender Glass offensive.

‘Quest for the Chest’: An Ode to Gaming Enthusiasts

In a grand gesture to commemorate the open beta inauguration, Polyarc unfurls the ‘Quest for the Chest’ festivity, active until October 5th. This fiesta accelerates the pace of weekly chest advancements, blessing players with “extra special rewards.” Gaming aficionados can anticipate previously unrevealed masks and insignias. To add to the fervor, new Over Time directives are introduced, and players can rejoice as the level cap escalates.

Available Platforms and Future Endeavors

The riveting Glassbreakers: Champions Of Moss can now be relished on the esteemed Meta Quest platform. For those awaiting its availability on other platforms, the good news is that a SteamVR version is slated for an October release. Our comprehensive insights from Gamescom 2023 shed more light on this spectacular offering.

In Retrospect: The New Era of Virtual Gaming

The introduction of Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss and its subsequent enhancements herald a new epoch in the domain of virtual gaming. The meticulously designed characters, the strategic depth, and the relentless commitment to offering periodic updates emphasize the creators’ vision of delivering an unmatched virtual combat experience. As we venture further into this year, the gaming fraternity eagerly anticipates what other marvels Polyarc has in store.

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