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Glassbreakers: Revolutionizing the VR Battleground with Forged Champion Mojo

Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss, the brainchild of renowned game studio Polyarc, is taking the Virtual Reality (VR) gaming world by storm. Elevating the immersive experience, this game introduces its first post-launch Champion, Mojo, with attributes set to redefine competitive multiplayer dynamics.

A Deep Dive into Glassbreakers’ World

Initially launched on App Lab in its early access phase, Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss quickly garnered attention for its innovative MOBA-inspired design and real-time battle mechanics. Adopting a live-service model, Polyarc demonstrates its commitment to frequent content enhancements, ensuring a dynamic gaming environment for its user base.

Meet Mojo: The Forged Champion

The next chapter of Glassbreakers unfolds on September 26 with the introduction of MJ22 (Mojo). This Forged automation, originally conceptualized for war scenarios, surprises players with its affectionate side, embodied in its penchant for hugs. Mojo’s unique ability, aptly titled ‘Free Hugs’, empowers players to strategically reposition their adversaries on the battlefield.

What truly sets Mojo apart is its capability to disrupt enemy formations. By leveraging the ‘Free Hugs’ ability, players can hook rival Champions, drawing them closer to Mojo. As this ability advances in levels, its range extends, and it further slows down the targeted opponent. This tactical advantage allows players to pull adversaries into their base, exposing them to additional threats from the Defender Glass.

The ‘Quest for the Chest’ Event

Polyarc, in its bid to celebrate the open beta phase of Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss, has unveiled the ‘Quest for the Chest’ event. Running until October 5th, this event promises accelerated leveling up of weekly chests. Furthermore, these chests are set to reveal “extra special rewards,” including never-before-seen masks and emblems. The introduction of new Over Time rules and an elevated level cap are additional facets of this celebratory event.

Where to Experience Glassbreakers

Currently, Glassbreakers: Champions Of Moss is accessible on the Meta Quest platform via App Lab. For enthusiasts looking to explore this VR sensation on other platforms, Polyarc has plans in the pipeline for a SteamVR release later this year.

In Conclusion

Virtual Reality gaming is witnessing an evolution, with games like Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss at the forefront. With the introduction of characters like Mojo and events that enhance the in-game experience, Polyarc is setting high standards for immersive gaming. Players worldwide are eagerly gearing up to embrace the upcoming changes and dive deeper into the captivating world of Glassbreakers.

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