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VR Mobile Gaming Contest: Global Archiact Jam

Archiact Interactive, a Canada based virtual reality studio is hosting Global Archiact Jam, a 3 week mobile VR game jam which is sponsored by Unity, Google, and Nibiru.


Update: $14,000 Competition Prize Has Been Added For Global Archiact Jam

$14000 global archiact jam competition prize

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Global Archiact Jam runs from July 9th to July 28th. Mobile VR game developers can register on this page.:


WEARVR Becomes Global Archiact Jam Official Partner

On June 15th, Archiact announced new partner WEARVR, Global Archiact Jam entries will be featured on the WEARVR platform.


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Derek Chen, President of Archiact Interactive Quote

“We are truly at the edge of blurring where “reality” ends and “virtual reality” begins. VR headset creators have given us the ability to immerse the user visually. Now, it is time to utilize the next generation of interaction tools to make the most immersive VR experience possible. These tools range from 3D body tracking, hand tracking, finger tracking, voice control and even brainwave controls. Let’s jump-start this new era of entertainment together, with Global Archiact Jam!”

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Global Archiact Jam contestants are encouraged to use VR input controllers when create mobile VR games. Nod is the official recommended input device.


There are two different device / hardware categories contestants will compete under: Deluxe & Essential:


Deluxe Category: Samsung Gear VR Category

Essentials Category: Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, VR SmartView, Goggle Tech


Four different awards will be presented:

Most Interactive Awards

Most Innovative Awards

Most Entertaining Awards

Most Immersive Awards


Each device category will be treated as a separate competition. Two first place winners will be announced! The top prize is a 1 week all-expenses-paid trip to China. This includes meetings with 10 venture capitalists and 6 of the largest gaming companies in the country.


Archiact Global Jam has launched a “Gaming for Good” initiative, Archiact will now be donating $10 to Free the Children and World Vision on behalf of every team that registers for the game jam! Looking forward to see the VR mobile game submissions!


Content & Image Source: Archiact, Nod 


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