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Global Virtual Reality Conference Gathered Technology Leaders in Shanghai

The Third Global Virtual Reality Conference (GVRC) was successfully held in Pudong, Shanghai from June 27-29, 2018. Industry leaders and experts from China, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions brought together far-reaching industrial policies, profound insights, the latest scientific and technological achievements, exciting avant-garde contents and fruitful industrial achievements in virtual reality.

A wide range of summit forums, round-table dialogues, exhibitions, venture capital roadshows, industrial negotiations and evening talks were held at China Europe International Business School and Shanghai New International Expo Center. The venues of GVRC 2018 were packed with science and technology enthusiasts. The massive browsing and interaction via social media exemplified that GVRC 2018 was a must see industry event.

Over the two day event, international heavyweights expounded on the latest developments in the following fields:

  • industrial policy
  • virtual reality
  • artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • big data
  • blockchain
  • 5G networking
  • brain-computer link

Industrial Developments and Trends:

Virtual reality pioneers and experts shared incredible developments including: national and local innovation modes for guiding and promoting the development of new technology industries; VR/AR is expanding across the world and will usher in the eve of industrial concentration explosion for next-generation human-computer interaction platforms; 5G Internet will continue the growth in VR/AR due to high throughput and low latency; robots and artificial intelligence can liberate physical and menial labor; Blockchain, will revolutionize the future digital world; A kind of carbon-based civilization and silicon-based civilization will be demonstrated by brain-computer interaction and brain-computer interface; a virtual world and robots, will go beyond the limiations of time and space, and subvert the current social form.

Industry Applications:

Wang Gang, Deputy General Manager of Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd., revealed the driving force AR/VR in the sporting industry. Mr. Wang gave an in-depth explanation on multiple aspects of AR/VR technology, e.g., enormous impacts on live shows and broadcast events, the improvement for athlete training modes. According to him, VR/AR technology will continue to grow within the sporting industry. A path has been gradually blazed for perfect combination of VR/AR and sports.

Technological Innovation, Content Creation and Capital Integration:

Attendees gained insights into solutions for many questions.

  • How should digital ecology upgrade and set foothold at the dimension of strategic development, technical roadmap, content creation and platform construction in VR Three-dimensional Internet Era?
  • How will digital subsistence reshape virtual reality forms?
  • What changes will take place in the economy, media, art and the relationship between man and the nature?
  • How can capital and finance rise in conjunction with technological innovation and social well-being?
  • How will a “City of Tomorrow” be driven by technology and embedded with culture and art, roll out a beautiful vision the future?
  • What will be industrial opportunities afforded by the new film industry?
  • How to integrate high-quality content within specific ranges?

Many topics blended into others, which kicked off an industrial brainstorming session among the attendees. Visitors were invited to visit the technology displays and exhibits to experience the “World of Tomorrow”. In order to enable visitors to probe into the future world more intuitively, top enterprises specialized in VR, such as Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd., SUNSEA Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Xuanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Konka Group, Beijing Bewinner Communications Co., Ltd., IFLYTEK and Daschow Crossover Innovation Group jointly launched a new technology experience. They were also able to comprehensively interprete the relationships among new technologies (such as virtual reality, Internet of Things, cloud computing and blockchain) to connect with people.

The joint exhibition of a “City of Tomorrow” greeted tens of thousands of visitors from all walks of life, and these visitors marveled at the advent of the future world. Various elements of city visitors intuitively took a glance at a future life reshaped up by new technologies (such as AVR, AR, Internet of Things and AI). They were able to learn more about the perfect integration of technology, ecology, life and culture, and saw a better life using VR technology.

GVRC 2018 successfully ended with the guests exploration, creation and high-spirited interactions with the online live show audience. As the most important aspect of the event, a “City of Tomorrow” alliance was also unveiled and established.

The “City of Tomorrow” alliance aims to boost the innovative applications of 5G Internet, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies all over the world. This redefines and reshapes the future, joins concerted efforts from governments, manufacturers, universities, research institutions and users in a five-in-one manner. It takes collaborative innovation mode as a new dimension, and will lead the long-term development of life in the future. As a permanent organization for GVRC to fulfill the innovation mission, the “City of Tomorrow” Alliance will gather the world’s leading industry experts, facilitate technology R&D to put into practice, serve as a bridge between entrepreneurial innovation and financial capital. This will give impetus to the seamless integration of “governments, manufacturers, universities, research institutions and users.” The Alliance will be able to conduct other long-term activities, and emerge as a world-class comprehensive innovation platform, with a view to promoting worldwide scientific and technological progress and enhancing human well-being.

Guided by

Economy and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government

Science, Technology and Economy Commission of Shanghai Pudong New Area

Jinqiao Bureau of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration

Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Administration Committee

China Europe International Business School

Hosted by

Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Shanghai Jinqiao (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xuanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Digital Content Industry Promotion Center

SOURCE Global Virtual Reality Conference Committee


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