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Go VR to Taste Some Delicious Morning Muffins Made by Super-hot Riley Steele!

From Virtual Reality Bangers

There’s a reason to say “through the stomach to the heart” and you’re probably well aware that if a girl can cook well, she automatically becomes a much better potential partner – and maybe even a wife in the future. The problem is that cooking alone is not enough, and if a woman can’t satisfy you sexually, then delicious soups, pasta and chops aren’t enough – but what if your heart’s chosen has both these “feats”? VR Bangers – one of the top professional VR porn movies’ makers known around the world for introducing 6K ultra high definition resolution to their VR porn experiences as the very first in the industry – have just released their latest VR porn scene, in which they have decided to work with just such someone described above…

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Morning Muffins is a brand new VR porn movie in which one of the most beautiful blonde VR porn stars in the globe, Riley Steele, will take full control of your kitchen and positively surprise you. This wonderful and talented adult model will be your girlfriend for the needs of this virtual reality porn fantasy – and she will wake you up today with a delicious breakfast and the legendary recipe handed down from generation to generation in her family.

But as soon as Riley’s muffins are in the oven and you wait for these delicacies to be ready, in a rather innocent way at first, this gorgeous girl will get a little dirty with her confectionery sleeve and whipped cream – and in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere between you will get much, much hotter. Starting with the usual cooking, a few moments later you’ll be having hardcore and passionate sex when the endless libido of this beautiful VR porn actress will make her become one of the best girlfriends in the world, not only cooking your favorite dish but also working on your hard cock with her filthy mouth.

“Riley Steele is definitely a perfect candidate to become your girlfriend – and she will prove you that inside of this VR porn fantasy,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “She is both a great cook and one of the best lovers in the entire XXX industry – and we chose her not without a reason to star in the Morning Muffins VR porn movie. We are sure that you are going to enjoy both her performing and her delicious buns – wear your VR headset and let her steal all your attention in up to 6K ultra high definition 3D VR!”

And if you are interested in other VR porn movies from the studio and would like to watch a different VR porn experience made by it, head straight to the makers’ main page over here. The producers make sure to upload new and new VR porn experiences in up to 6K UHD pretty much few times a week!

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