‘Gone in 360 Seconds’ Trailer Released

Australian basedVR production outfit Virtual Guest have released a 360 video trailer for their 2nd Cinematic VR short film, ‘Gone in 360 Seconds.




G360S places the viewerwithin the action of a dramatic heist that takes place in an exotic car showroom. Itwill be released as two separatefilmsproduced in association with Curtin University anddirected byFTV & Screen Arts researcher Dr. Stuart Bender & Virtual Guest’s Brandon D’Silva.


Following the same narrative, the 1st Person experience will be released sometimein November 2016, withthe 3rd Person passive experience will be available the following month.


The films will be viewable viavarious 3D 360 video platforms for free. Additionally, G360S will be used as part of an academicresearch paper by Dr. Stuart Bender.


“Gone in 360 Seconds is a unique piece of creative-practice research. It uses the technical and artistic challenges of live-action VR production as an opportunity to draw upon contemporary film studies methodology to understand viewer perception and cognition with respect to this new mode of storytelling.”


“Using biometric analysis of audience behavior and interaction with the viewing experience, as well as psychometric attitude tests pre- and post-viewing, we intend to explore how actual viewers engage with a variety of cinematic and non-cinematic devices in our short VR experience.” – Dr Bender.

Co-producer and Virtual GuestFounderBrandon D’Silva mentioned that the G360 immersions areproof-of-concepts, and intends to release a number of360 experiences under thetitle.

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