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GoPro Made 16 Camera Rig for Google Jump

Google Jump, a new Google platform was announced at Google I/O on Thursday, May 29. The creator of Google Cardboard and Vice President of Product Management of Google, Clay Bavor introduced Google Jump VR camera rig in his keynote presentation.


google I/O 2016 VR

Google Jump is consists of 3 parts: Camera Geometry, Assembler and Player


Google Jump is a new platform that enables anyone to capture the world in virtual reality videos, videos that is fully immersive, videos that you can step inside to experience. Google Jump consists of 3 parts as blow:



Google Jump 16 Camera Rig Geometry

camera geometry vr video

16 camera rig geometry will be open in summer 2015!


Google Jump is building a special camera rig that turns raw footage into VR videos, 16 camera modules that are mounted in a 360 degree circular arrays.


Google Jump will open up the camera geometry to everyone in summer 2015, so anyone will be able to build their own 16 camera rig. The camera rig can be made out of any material, you can use cardboard to build it, or you can 3D print it.


You can also use any off the shelf camera, there is no specific requirement. Since the camera rig spec and geometry will be open to anyone, meaning that anybody can build a camera rig and sell it as a product.


Assembler for Building & Compiling Virtual Reality Videos

A software or program that will take you raw footage, stitch and compile it into a virtual reality video.


Google Jump Virtual Reality Video Playerback @ Youtube

Bavor announced that in Summer 2015, Youtube will start supporting Google Jump’s virtual reality videos.

google jump gopro 360 video 16 camera rig


Google Jump Partners With GoPro

Clay Bavor also announced an official partnership between Google Jump and GoPro, Bavor also showed off a 16 camera rig build by GoPro, the set price has not been disclosed.


Google Jump’s 16 camera rig by GoPro would be offered to a small group of Youtube creators through a 6 month “early access program” and will eventually become available to consumer market. The entire session of Google I/O Keynote is available at Google Developer Youtube Channel at here.


Image & Content Source: CNET, Readwrite, Engadget

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