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Imagine You Are 1/5 of The Beatles With Inside Abbey Road

Google has surprised us once again with the “Inside Abbey Road” interactive virtual video! At first before we realize what it really is going to be presented, we expect a 360 video that we see quite often here and there.


Inside Abbey Road will surprise you because it won’t be what you expected! Abbey is a immersive and highly interactive video, in fact, we would like to call it and refer to it as an interactive virtual video game.


the beatles abbey road


The video took place at the Abbey Road, perhaps the world’s most famous pedestrian crossing, made world famous by none the other, The Beatles! Although it’s not necessary, I must mention that I am a super fan of The Beatles, and my favorite Beatle goes to John Lennon!


Let’s Go Inside Abbey Road Studio & Play Around


The video took us directly inside The Abbey Road Studio, a legendary studio that only celebrities and world class musicians are allowed to step inside. Once the blue icon is clicked, user will be directly to another Google page! The Youtube video merely acted as a gateway and introduction to main show inside the studio on this page.


inside abbey road navigation

The map with dots on the lower left corner is how users are navigated!


inside abbey road clickable icon

All color icons are clickable, and once clicked, a cute little story would pop-up!


360 and fully immersive videos is going to be the new standard in the near future, it is going to soar above and replace the generic video formats. We only wish it will happen in the next 5 years because we hate to wait for something this exciting!


A video such as “Inside Abbey Road” is certain much more engaging and interactive. Besides used entertaining purpose, we could clearly see its educational and news reporting potential.


Students would memorize the events and details more clearly as it is an interesting and intriguing virtual experience!


As for four journalism and news reporting, audience would be able to step inside an event and under how it has occurred from the first person point of view. Hence creating more empathy? Perhaps it could!


We can truly see virtual and augmented reality’s overwhelming potential to make the world and the experiences within far more interesting and certainly with more depth, as we are able to step inside other people’s world immersively, and more profoundly!


Here is The Beatle’s famous album Abbey Road, enjoy!


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