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Google 360 VR View Open Sourced On Github For Developers To Embed Virtual Reality Content Into Android & iOS

Google had just announced VR views, t view takes 360 VR images or videos and transform them into interactive experiences that users can view on their phone, a simple, quick and easy way to embed immersive 360 video content on Android, iOS and across the web!


For users, it’s fairly simple, with a Cardboard viewer, or on their computer. For native apps, you can embed a VR view by grabbing the latest Cardboard SDK for Android or iOS* and adding a few lines of code. On the web, embedding a VR view is as simple as adding an iframe on your site. Google had generously opened up the source code, the HTML and JavaScript for web developers is available on github, which means from now on, worldwide developers can self-host, modify the SDK to match nad customize specific needs!


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Google VR View Quotes From Techcrunch, Android Authority, Google Developer Blog

“VR is great for entertainment purposes,” Google Product Manager Nathan Martz told me in an interview. “But for VR to be as transformative as we all hope it will be, it has to be useful as well.” (via Techcrunch)


“A lot of these businesses, they’re very focused on their core businesses and don’t have VR R&D teams ready to go and the thought of building a VR app from the ground-up is a giant investment,” Martz said. “A lot of what the VR View project is about is in trying to close the gap for those companies.” (via Techcrunch)


“We really feel like the core vision of Cardboard is ‘VR for everyone,’” Martz told me. “And it turns out that a lot of phones in a lot of pockets are iOS phones.” (via Techcrunch)


“We’ve had iOS support in Unity, we’ve made sure that our Cardboard holders work well with iPhones, so really this is a very natural progression for us,” Martz said. “If you were a Unity developer you could target iOS and Android, but if you were a native app developer it was more difficult, and so we’re now closing that gap.” (via Techcrunch)


“VR View: a clean and easy way to put immersive content directly into your website, Android app, or iOS app. (via Android Authority)”


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“Yes, you read that right! Starting today, there’ll be a native Cardboard SDK for iOS. Provided in idiomatic Objective C, and packaged as a single, easy-to-use CocoaPod, this new SDK includes all of the features already available in the Cardboard SDK for Android.” (via Google Developer Blog)


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