GOOVIS Offers Personal Mobile Cinema On the Go

GOOVIS is also known as Good Vision and is a brand of NED Optics within the mix reality HMD space. GOOVIS products are used to view videos, movies, and to play games. They can also be used in other industrial fields such as myopia prevention and control and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), first person view (FPV), and live broadcasting over 5G network.

The company strives to connect people with its clarity and products, which are suitable for different multimedia achievements.

Multimedia streaming is gaining popularity. This means that movies and entertainment can be accessed wherever you are, in any vehicle, plane, car or home. Multimedia consumption is a new trend that demands privacy and comfort from the displaying devices.

GOOVIS is praised for its ability to create a realistic virtual world, unlike other HMDs on the market. GOOVIS HMD's robust visual capabilities allow for an immersive presentation that is life-like and private. GOOVIS products have an 800 inch virtual display with 42 PPD, which is more than most virtual reality headsets. The remarkable ultra-high-definition Sony AMOLED display and ultra-low 1.5% distortion allow for precise resolution right to the end of the image. GOOVIS does not produce blurred images or pixelated typography. It only provides clarity and comfort.

GOOVIS HMD is more than a standard viewing device. This can sometimes cause discomfort and fatigue. GOOVIS has been praised by customers for its easy use and comfortable design. GOOVIS devices are light, sturdy, and comfortable against the skin with fleece inlay. Additional features include an easy-to-adjust, adjustable headband and a binocular vision interpupillary distance adjustment system that allow for precise customization and comfort. These design features have been praised by many for their ability to prevent short-sightedness, dizziness, or eye damage. They allow the wearer to enjoy a more immersive and comfortable experience.

GOOVIS was awarded the first ever SGS Metaverse series – Low Fatigue Visual certification in November 2021. GOOVIS was certified by TUV Rheinland in May 2020 for providing a comfortable, low-blue-light viewing environment. It is the first HMD to be fully-moded and approved by the National Eye Health and Safety Laboratory.

Smart personalization is possible with the portable range. GOOVIS Pro, G2, Young, and Lite are available for anyone, from gamers to music lovers to students.

GOOVIS is available to anyone who does not need to wear glasses. The GOOVIS lets users adjust the diopters to achieve clear vision. This allows for long-term use without discomfort or fatigue.

GOOVIS has established its presence in 60 countries to satisfy customers, including Europe, America and Japan. GOOVIS won the German iF Design Award, the Good Design Award in Japan and, in 2020, the Chinese Red Star Award.

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