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From Recode Conference 2015. Image Source: Recode

GoPro Nick Woodman Announced 6 Camera Array & Drone

The 36 year old billionaire surfer, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman, made an official open announcement on Wednesday at Code Conference during a discussion with Recode’s Kara Swisher, that GoPro is moving onto the next stage and expanding into virtual reality 360 camera rig and flying drones.


6 camera spherical array hero 4

The 6 Camera Spherical Array launching second half of 2015.


According to Recode, GoPro is introducing a 6 Camera spherical array that houses 6 Hero4 cameras. Enabling users to capture virtual reality videos that would be stitched together by Kolor’s software, a French startup that was acquired by GoPro back in April.

360 Degree Video Overview Report

6 hero4 cameras

6 Heros is not easily affordable to majority of consumers, can GoPro provide a via solution and cost down in the future?


The virtual video can be viewed using nearly all VR headsets and also on PC and mobile devices using Kolor’s own app that is free to download on the official website.


Nick Woodman told Kara Swisher, that seeing high tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook getting involved and invest in VR industry, there is certainly a future for VR as a platform, this is exactly why GoPro decided it is time to get involved and enter the market by introducing their own product.


gopro camera and drones announcement recode

6 Camera Spherical Array Targeting Professional

Nick Woodman also said that at initial stage, the 6 camera spherical array is targeting professionals and prosumers, simply because the spherical array plus 6 Hero4 cameras is not easily affordable, and it requires a certain level of knowledge to be able to edit the video and turn it into a virtual 360.


To attract mainstream and mass consumers, the equipment needs to be more affordable and with a more user-friendly VR content editing software and solution.


GoPro is Working on Flying Drones

Nick Woodman also said that GoPro is working on and experimenting with drones, when asked about the price and design, Woodman politely declined to share further details. The launch in the consumer market will be in the first half of 2016.


gopro ceo nick woodman with gopro

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman Quotes

surreal vision quote

“It’s an exciting first step for VR,” Nick Woodman said in a phone interview before Code Conference


“It’s incredible to see our world from new perspectives. It’s a real ‘Oh my God’ moment,” said Woodman. “We did that with our GoPro cameras, and we see a similar opportunity in the quadcopter market. It’s something that’s in our DNA, and we are excited about it across the company.”


“We recognize that consumers want choice, our primary focus is enabling great content, and however they want to do that, we’re excited to be part of that.”

new quote 2


GoPro 6 camera spherical array is planning to launch in the second half of the year. We love our 360 Heroes camera rig and we can’t wait to test GoPro’s spherical array and drone in the near future!


Image & Content Source: GoPro & Recode

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