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Grand Theft Auto 5 On Steroids

Grand Theft Auto series is a one of the most adrenaline pumping game ever existed! Packed with all the over the edge violence and explicit scenarios. Now, today’s virtual reality technology is setting Grand Theft Auto 5 on steroids!


virtuix omni package

Introducing Virtuix Omni, it offers an all-in-one game station called Omni Package which includes Omni Shoes, tracking pods, Omni Rack, Omni Harness.

vr rack harness

The Omni Package cost $699, we think it falls right into a great price range! As an affordable and full-functioned VR all-in-one package!


Grocery store shoot out!  A classic GTA scenario!

Grocery store shoot out! A classic GTA scenario!


If you are under 18, ask your mom to watch it with you!

If you are under 18, ask your mom to watch it with you!


Virtual reality has made gaming play a truly immersive experience, even by watching Omni Virtuix’s Youtube demo, it almost made us feel like we were immersed in the game!

virtuix omni package rack character

Virtual Reality enables you to have your own alter-ego! Source: Virtuix Omni


gta5 vr dk2 virtual reality

When we were playing Grand Theft Auto series, we always anticipated this kind of scenarios! It always makes me wonder how the heck in the world the authority allows this game to be on the market? But it’s all good, we all enjoyed it!!!


According to Techcrunch, a gamer named Falandorn had figured out how to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC and Oculus DK2 Kit. Faladorn had successfully played the game using a PC, DK2, 360 pad and a drive called VorpX. VorpX can be downloaded here for $39 USD.


vorpX driver virtual



Although Grand Theft Auto 5 was not originally designed as a virtual reality game, but from Falandorn’s video, it looks great!




The Oculus’s virtual review really captured the atmosphere of the lightening, dark, rainy freeway high speed ride in the city of Los Santos. Falandorn has a series of nice virtual reality live in action gaming videos. You can find it here.


Grand Theft Auto is one of our all time favorite game, it would be extremely exciting to get our hands on these equipment and actually test them out in the near future! Can’t wait!


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