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Virtual Reality Guided Meditation App For Immerisve Deep Meditation

Guided Meditation VR app from Cubicle Ninja is an amazing virtual reality application that runs on PC, Mac and viewed from Oculus Rift.


guided meditation on oculus rift


Guided Meditation VR app takes meditators into a fully immersive virtual scene while they are meditating! Currently, the guided meditation app offers four different scenarios including Birchnut Forest, Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, and Yokosuka Garden.


guided meditation vr app Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol

Yokosuka Garden

Yokosuka Garden

Birchnut Forest

Birchnut Forest

Cosmo Canyon

Cosmo Canyon


Our favorite immersive virtual environment to meditate is the beautiful sunny beach of Costa Del Sol, as it reminds us of the beautiful tranquil sandy beach in front of Café Del Mar @ Ibiza, Spain!



As a regular and dedicated meditator myself, it is inevitable to be extremely bored and burned out from always meditating at home. It happens to me from time to time, always meditating facing the pale white wall of my living room…


If you are regular meditator, Guided Meditation could be a great alternative to try, that would rescue you from boredom derived from meditating at same location on a daily basis!


cubicle ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is a multi-talented creative agency!

Cubicle Ninjas: The Creator Of Guided Meditation VR

The brainchild and maker behind Guided Meditation is Cubicle Ninjas, an Illinois, USA based creative agency that specializes in virtual reality ( virtual storytelling ), branding, marketing, web development, graphic design, animation, advertising, app design and multimedia content creation.


cubicle ninjas founder jushua farkas

Cubicle Ninjas founder Joshua Farkas

Quotes From Joshua Farkas Of Cubicle Ninjas

quote new 1

“Our mission is to create experiences for our customers that are powerful, emotional, and differentiated from the competition,” says Josh Farkas, founder of Cubicle Ninjas.

“Our mission is to create virtual reality application that make differences in people’s lives”

“To accomplish this, our team continuously looks for new ways to transform ideas into reality. Virtual reality is a fresh opportunity for businesses to tell stronger stories.”

We met these multi-talented and friendly Ninjas at 2014’s UploadVR event and had a quick chat, we are looking forward to speak with them at the up and coming SVVR 2015 in Silicon Valley next week!


Guided Meditation VR app is one of my personal favorite virtual reality app to date, thanks to Cubicle Ninjas VR team! To the Ninjas if they ever find this post: I would like to know if there is any chance for developing immersive meditation environments of Kenya national park, Amazon rainforest, inside the pyramid and within the cosmo space?


Guided Meditation VR app will surly attract regular meditators, as well as people without any meditation experience to give it a try! Thank you Cubicle Ninjas VR team, for a very useful App that we could enjoy while meditating!


Image & content source: Cubicle Ninjas, Guided Meditation Vr, PRweb

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