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Hatrabbit Entertainment releases Slightly Heroes, a casual multiplayer shooter that can be played cross-platform on all major mobile and high-end VR devices.

Suit up and step into the role of your imaginary, half-baked superhero! Play as charming, part-time heroes and villains like Captain Lawsuit, Agent Meow, and Judge Greg.

Battle your friends in first-person VR across a variety of arenas, like a city park, outback farm or a beautiful paradise island.

Utilize power-ups and special weapons to defeat your enemies in creative ways and claim a spot at the top of the leaderboards. Accessibility is a core pillar of Hatrabbits games and Slightly Heroes is not an exception. We see Slightly Heroes as the Mario Kart for a shooter audience.

Its easy to jump in and play but theres also plenty of satisfaction for the more hardcore gamers”, says co-founder Andreas Chryssovitsanos. In order get around some of the motion sickness problems associated with free movement in VR, the team integrated locomotion methods based on previous research.

The mobile VR space is really missing out on great multiplayer games where you can move around naturally instead of teleporting. Now even the most sensitive players can enjoy free movement action on all platforms.

Slightly Heroes is out now for all major VR platforms. The game is available for $4.99 for Oculus Go, Samsung Gear and Daydream and for $9.99 for Oculus Rift, Steam and Viveport. For more information please follow Hatrabbit Entertainment on Facebook and twitter or visit www.hatrabbit.se.

You can also join the Discord channel to get in touch with other players or send your feedback to the developers.

About Hatrabbit Entertainment: Hatrabbit Entertainment is a game studio focusing on creating inclusive action and adventure games for a broad audience.

They are working in a transparent way together with their community in order to validate ideas early and build games for the players. The studio is composed of respected game industry veterans with a long history of game development across mass market AAA games, free-to-play games and more. Hatrabbit is privately held and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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