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Is It Bad to Have Sex with Your Secretary if she’s Horny and Specifically Asks for It? Well…

Mobbing in your work place is actually a huge issue these days, and sometimes it is exceptionally hard to distinguish whether you are doing a bad or good thing – especially when you are a high-ranked manager who can easily get in trouble for hitting up on his employees.

In the latest VR porn scene from VR Bangers – the producers known in the entire adult industry for introducing their virtual reality porn experiences in 6K ultra high definition as the very first – called The Secretary, makers are trying to find out what is appropriate and what is not – yet they are doing that in a very “specific” way that they are known for by their fans and followers, and with help of an exceptionally hot adult model, Luna Skye.

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You see, the thing is that even though you should be very careful when initiating a – more or less – romance in your place of work, it all changes if the girl you plan on hitting on is horny and literally asks for it herself. Since we are talking about a VR porn video with Luna Skye – incredibly sexy and always-horny professional blonde VR porn actress – in this case you can expect the girl to be more than ready for your little… intimate moments, and the rules that would normally professionally apply just do not belong here.

WARNING: After watching this VR porn experience, you definitely should not try doing similar things with your own secretary – if you do have one – as even though VR Bangers’ VR porn fantasies may be considered lifelike and realistic, in the real life this could give you a lot of trouble and could get you sued in no time! It will be much more reasonable to just stay at your home and re-watch this VR porn scene, if you want to experience such seduction yet again – Luna will be waiting for you on behalf of as long as you will have the active membership on the producers’ website.

“Look at Luna Skye for a moment and you will already know why we chose her for this role,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “This blonde goddess looks like a living example of how every man imagines his perfect secretary – she is sexy, kinky and has that little… wildness in everything she is doing. Thanks to all of that I believe that this newest VR porn movie turned out to be just great and that every single of our fans will love the outcome of our little cooperation with her!”

To allow Luna to become your very own secretary, you should go to this link – where you will be able to watch this latest VR porn movie in up to 6K ultra high definition, and spend some time with this super-hot blonde VR porn goddess. And if you are interested in other VR porn movies from VR Bangers and would like to watch a different VR porn experience made by the studio, head strai

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