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Help: Live Action Film From Fast & Furious Director Justin Lin For Google Spotlight

Help is the newest title from Google Spotlight Stories, a collaborated effort between Fast and Furious director Justin Lin and Google ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Projects.)


justin lin fast furious director

Justin Lin & Paul Walker at Fast and Furious set!


justin lin director

Justin Lin & Vin Diesel


Help, a short immersive 360 spherical film debuted at Google I/O. Help may be a short 5 minute film but the piece actually took two years to make. Help is the fifth installment from the Google Spotlight archive, and it is also the first live action spotlight story. Help is free to download for a limited time. Be sure to set aside enough download time and memory, because the file size is 1GB.


Google Spotlight stories enable viewers to use their mobile device like a window that allows users moving it any direction or viewing from any angles. Viewers can enjoy the 360 immersive stories directly on mobile devices or on a VR headset.


“Your phone is the window into that world,” explained Regina Dugan, whose ATAP group at Google has been developing these Spotlight Stories. ( From Variety )


“With the SDK, an animator can build a story using familiar tools (e.g. Autodesk’s Maya) and set up interactive story in an intuitive way,” ATAP’s technical project lead for Spotlight Stories, Rachid El Guerrab, said in a statement “A lot of work is going into our new ‘film language,’ and how we introduce creators to thinking in 3D, in 360 degrees, with a free camera, and with viewer-based pacing” ( Mashable ).


“It’s more of a shared narrative,” Lin said during a session at Google I/O Friday. “When I go on set, it’s very important, the lenses I choose, what I choose to frame or not frame and that’s how I make my movies. And now I’m sharing that power with the viewer and it’s actually very liberating.” ( From Mashable )


spidercam help spotlight stories

A custom 360 camera rig built for HELP called “Spidercam” Image source: Variety


Google is taking the same approach as it did with the newly announced 16 camera rig, making the new format of storytelling widely accessible as open source. Google is releasing a “Story Development Kit” that provides tools such as sound design, editing, and testing for filmmakers around the world to create and publish immersive short films and stories.


Google Spotlight stories aims to bring viewers a world of storytelling tailored for mobile devices. The app is currently available to download on Google Play. The app will be also be available on iOS and Youtube app.


help stories

Justin Lin at Help film set Image Source: Variety


Google Spotlight Stories truly is a milestone of a new form of immersive cinematic storytelling custom made purely for mobile devices!


Content & Image Source: Variety, Gizmodo, Mashable, Android Authority, Zimbio

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  1. 《 Help》——《速度与激情》导演 Justin Lin为Google Spotlight拍摄的实景电影 | Yivian - […] 《Help》是 Google Spotlight Stories的最新创作——《速度与激情》的导演 Justin Lin和Google ATAP(Advanced Technologies and Projects)的合作成果。《Help》——一部简短的沉浸式 360环幕电影,在Google I/O首映。或许只是个 5分钟长的片段,但《Help》的制作足足花了两年时间。从 Google Spotlight档案来看,《Help》处于第五系列,也是首部实景拍摄电影。在有限时间内,观众可免费下载《 Help》,但请确保足够的下载时间和内存,因为文件大小达到 1GB。 Spotlight Stories…

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