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High Fidelity Announces Support for DigitalOcean Spaces

Today, High Fidelity announces support for DigitalOcean Spaces, a scalable and cost-effective object storage product that addresses the most complex needs of High Fidelity customers looking to store, retrieve and deploy visual assets in their virtual reality worlds quickly and easily.

High Fidelity is committed to a future in which VR is made up of a growing community of interconnected and ever-changing virtual spaces. These virtual spaces will be enabled by vast resources of highly available visual assets, the user-created building blocks that will be combined and recombined, reused and modified over time to create the full scope and scale of the metaverse.

DigitalOcean’s Spaces will allow users from across the spectrum of technical ability to rapidly increase the virtual assets available for use in High Fidelity.

“High Fidelity is envisioned as a distributed network running on a wide mix of hardware,” says High Fidelity CEO, Philip Rosedale. “We see support for DigitalOcean Spaces as a strategic advantage for us and our user community as users embrace deployment of their creations in virtual reality on the cloud.”

About High Fidelity: High Fidelity, Inc. is a San Francisco-based startup that distributes a scalable, open-source VR platform that enables everyone–performers, educators, makers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts–to create and deploy interconnected social virtual reality environments from their desktop or the cloud. Learn more about High Fidelity at http://highfidelity.com.

About DigitalOcean: DigitalOcean provides a platform that developers love and engineering teams trust to build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud. Founded in 2011 with offices in New York and Cambridge, MA, DigitalOcean offers transparent pricing, an elegant user interface and an engaged and active community with one of the largest libraries of open source resources available. Our goal is to reduce complexity so engineering teams can focus on building great software. For more information, please visit http://www.digitalocean.com.

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