HoloBuilder AR/VR 360 Photosphere

HoloBuilder: Produce AR/VR Content Using 360 Photosphere

Holobuilder is an amazing AR / VR application built by Bitstars, a virtual reality & augmented reality company based in Aachen, Germany. Holobuilder is a powerful and yet a free platform that enables users to create and edit 360 virtual reality & augmented reality content.

The creating process is fairly simple, first you create a 360 degree photo, as known as a 360 degree photoshere as they called it. You can use Ricoh Theta or just your smartphone.

For Android users, you can capture a 360 photosphere with your smartphone with Google Camera App, available on Google Play. Here is the download link.

 Google Camera App holobuilder

For iOS users, navigate to iTune and download Photo Sphere Camera app on this iTune page, again, provided free by Google. What we gonna do without Google…

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Photosphere Camera app itune holobuilder

360 Degree Photosphere Capture Tutorial

Here are some useful video tutorials to show you how to take perfect photoshere!


Next you use the free Holobuilder app to add some interesting 3D objects and effects to your photoshere, you can even add your MineCraft creations as augmented 3D objects! When you are done, you can embed it on any website using provided iframe code for sharing.

holobuilder google play app android

HoloBuilder App @ Google Play

HoloBuilder Player For Android Users @ Google Play

If you have an Android powered mobile device, you can download Holobuilder Player app on Google Play from here. Holobuilder is only available on Google Play. With Hologbuilder Player, you can show off and enjoy your re-created 360 photosphere to your friends with a mobile device. It’s free and it’s user-friendly, try it!

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