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Holodexxx Announces Long-Awaited Demo Scene and Patreon Page

Holodexxx is a new VR porn startup making truly and fully interactive sex experience, built from the ground zero and up for virtual reality porn. The company is bringing the world’s hottest adult entertainers to life and need your support on Patreon, here is their Patreon page link.

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The company is working closely and actively to bring the world’s audiences the hottest adult entertainers to life and need your support on Patreon, here is their Patreon page link.

Holodexxx VR aims to change virtual reality adult entertainment, Holodexxx VR is creating 3D avatars of adult entertainment industry’s hottest pornstars using 3d scans of actual adult actresses that are interactive and ultra-realistic!

Here are the detail description of the company’s service and ongoing project in their own words:

We are done simply waiting for the future. The time has come for us to experience the promise of fully interactive, 6DOF adult VR.

Using state of the art 3D Scanning, advanced full-body motion capture, and voice-controlled AI systems, we are creating the most convincing, and fully interactive virtual human porn stars. We believe the future of adult entertainment isn’t 360 video, it is photo real, interactive virtual humans bursting with personality and attitude. 

“The other porn stuff I’ve seen has all been passive. It’s a canned, pre-recorded video that you’re just watching play back in front of you,” Morgan Young, a co-founder of Holodexxx, told Mic at the Adult Entertainment Expo. “What we’re developing is something that you can control. You can be a part of it. It’s real-time, you control the outcome, you move the model the way you want to.” 

Holodexxx VR Is Turning These 9 Porn Stars Into Interactive Models (NSFW)

Holodexxx VR, an adult entertainment Virtual Reality startup, officially launched their website this week and began their self-proclaimed mission to change the way humans interact with one another in virtual space.

People using Holodexxx experiences will interact with digital renders of famous adult entertainers in almost any way they can imagine. In a phone interview with UploadVR, company co-founder Morgan Young wanted to make it clear that this venture has nothing to do with exploiting women or building a solely male audience.

“Me and my co-founders all come from the world of video games or visual effects,” Young said. “For us starting this company was about finding the best way to use our expertise and pioneer the creation of digital humans in a virtual world.”

We have been busy expanded on our technology base, and gathering the right people to make sure that Holodexxx is a success. Nothing in the engineering of Holodexxx has come easy, but the crucial systems that power Holodexxx are finally ready for us to create the toe-curling content you deserve.

The truth is, we knew back in 2017 that we will only get one shot at making Hollodexxx, and we weren’t going to waste that shot. The dream of Holodexxx means too much to us, personally, and it didn’t make sense to jump into this journey half-cocked. We have also been working on our porn-pun game, and it is strong.

Here are the dragons we needed to slay before we could introduce Holodexxx to you good people:


A virtual person that can move their entire body with total realism is the core of the Holodexxx experience. Our virtual human systems have taken a considerable amount of time to perfect, but we have come out the other side of its development excited by what we have accomplished. Our virtual humans look real thanks to our custom photogrammetry rig. We have developed the processes necessary to make custom hair, and all of the other fun stuff needed to make a scanned model pop with detail and life.


Mocap is an important piece of the puzzle to get right. We need the movements of our playmates to be totally believable, especially when viewed up close. To meet that end, we are utilizing the same type of capture rig used by the AAA gamedev scene and giant movie productions like Avatar. Capturing sexual mocap data has presented us with some bizarrely unique challenges, but we’ll save those stories for another blog post.


The pieces have finally fallen into place that will allow us to have simple, yet effective conversations with our Holodexxx stars. Our virtual humans have the facial rigs necessary for realistic facial movement; and years of refinement makes us confident that we are delivering on this feature. We believe that talking to a virtual human, and having them respond back to you is a major piece of the Holodexxx experience. Chatbot functionality also allows you to control in-game actions without using their hands, which is convenient when your hands are busy doing other things . . . like knitting, or playing checkers.


We have found our people. It’s taken some time, but we have formed an exceptional team of video game and VR developers who have a personal passion for this space. The Holodexxx team includes animators and 3D artists who have worked on some of your favorite AAA games, and an award-winning veteran VR storyteller. We believe that we have gathered a talented, like minded team that is dedicated to making Holodexxx the best experience that it can be. As the virtual porn market expands, you will notice the difference that experience brings to a project.


A few boxes had to be ticked before Holodexxx could survive and thrive on its own. Virtual marketplaces needed to open their doors to adult experiences; or at the very least, not slam them closed. We have witnessed significant progress on that front; and with your support, we hope to be able to present Holodexxx in the same spaces you find other quality VR experiences. Fan funding platforms have also become more open to the idea of XXX products which we require for support at this stage in development. VR as a medium is maturing, and enough people own a compatible device to support a niche experience like Holodexxx. Considering the market progress, we feel this project is finally viable.


Glad you asked! We are working hard on creating a publically accessible tech demo. The demo will explain the tech that drives Holodexxx. We think it’s going to blow you away. After the tech demo is launched, we will continue working on our  Holodexxx powered VR porn app. That app will display the power of chatbot tech while navigating porn content, and accentuate your video viewing experience with our virtual humans. The alpha for our true Holodexxx experience will follow this second release; and will finally demonstrate a more evolved Holodexxx. It’s going to be a wild year!

We will be announcing our scanned adult stars over the next few days. Let us know which adult star you’d like to see in Holodexxx!

We believe that the future of porn is Holodexxx. 

Our team, comprised of award-winning video game artists, VR game designers, and specialist programmers, are committed to making this experience world class. We have worked tirelessly to master the technical and design process required to bring Holodexxx to life; and with your help, we can clear the last few hurdles. 

Join us, and stop waiting for the future — let’s make it. 

Release Schedule:

Q2: 2019: Riley Reid Sneak Peak Uncensored

Experience the excitement and seduction of the industry’s top star Riley Reid in 6DOF VR. This teaser will demonstrate the technical aspects of Holodexxx, and blow your…mind. 

“Patron” tier and higher, will be emailed a download link to the Uncensored Riley Reid: Sneak Peak.

Enjoy this early look at the Holodexxx on a traditional flat monitor, or in VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift through Revive, more to come)

Q3: 2019: Holodexxx Alpha: Relax in your very own Holodexxx Home condo environment with our AI-enabled porn star companions. Our AI chatbot concierge helps you enjoy your 2d porn content in VR, hands free. 

Q4: 2019: Holodexxx Home: Our true virtual sex experience. This Alpha release will feature our virtual human adult stars in our full service experience. Play with, talk to, and explore with your own virtual adult star. We will expand on the Holodexxx design in a blog post shortly.  

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