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HoloGirlsVR Adopts Vice Industry Token for Pay Per View Option

HoloGirlsVR is the newest platform to adopt the Vice Industry Token (VIT).

According to the company, VIT is a decentralized blockchain platform and cryptographic token for the adult industry, which will be offered to HoloGirlsVR fans and a broad network of content providers to reward viewers for their attention and participation with online content.

“ is the premier provider of virtual reality adult content with their proprietary NoSick Technology,” Vice Industry Token CEO Stuart Duncan says. “As a cutting-edge cryptocurrency company, we are partnering with the best content providers in the industry to award viewers for their attention and engagement.”

Duncan explains that Vice Industry Token is part of a new movement called “the attention economy.”

“[Our] blockchain is unique in that users are paid in VIT to consume content and interact with it by liking, sharing and commenting,” Duncan adds. “Users will get paid in VIT to watch videos and the tokens they earn can be used to watch premium content across VIT’s network [and] can also be used toward subscriptions to paid sites.” is a product of HoloFim Productions, a full-service virtual reality production studio based in Vancouver that also produces VR adult films.

“As the leading virtual reality adult site, we always have to be on the forefront of innovation,” said Anna Lee, president and executive producer of HoloFilm Productions. “Our consumer base is the perfect target market for VIT because they are extremely tech-savvy and already understand blockchain and cryptocurrency. It made sense for us to add VIT to and it will make the site even more engaging.”

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