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HoloJam Demo @ SIGGRAPH 2015 By NYU Researcher Ken Perlin

On August 10, 2015 at SIGGRAPH 2015 which is taking place at LA Convention Center, Ken Perlin will showcase HoloJam demo scheduled from 8:30am to 5pm. According to UploadVR, the HoloJam demo can accommodate four people at a time.


holojam shared virtual space

Wireless + Full-Body & Room-Scale Motion Tracking

All participants will be wearing Samsung Gear VR with leg, and arm tracking enabled sensor markers with OptiTrck camera placed within the physical space. Tracked motion will be rendered and displayed in real-time.


holojam stick figure avatar

Participants will be shown as stick figure avatars!


The below HoloJam demo took place in New York University in July, 2015. Participated painters include Will Field-Thompson, Sebastian Herscher, Clare Carroll, Daren Liu, Ken Perlin, Connor Defanti, Zach Cimafonte, David Lobser, and Laura Juo-Hsin Chen.



Participants will appear as stick figures as shown in below video, which are their avatars in the HoloJam demo. They can paint and create 3D virtual paintings, or as they call it, “time slice of the emerging space-time sculpture,” in the shared virtual space.


Participants are free to move in any direction as they wish in the shared space, they can see their work and other participant inside their headset’s virtual view, and they can also interact and co-create a 3D sculture!


ken perlin

Ken Perlin is a professor of Computer Science & NYU Media Research Lab

Ken Perlin & Team – The Creator of HoloJam Demo @ SIGGRAPH 2015

Ken Perlin is a researcher at New York University Media Research Lab. Perlin created the HoloJam immersive virtual experience with a team of 9 people, including Perlin!


“We believe that this will be an historical first. The first community-created collaborative 4D space-time sculpture.” Ken Perlin told UploadVR


“ But my real interest is not in all of that for its own sake, but rather in the impact that these things will have for the future evolution of natural language. When children grow up in a world in which they can literally draw in the air, and can show each other visual ideas with a wave of their hand, then those children will spontaneously evolve natural language itself to incorporate these new and greater powers of expression. After all, natural language is really the great superpower of our species. All of our other powers are outgrowths of that one. So evolving natural language to becoming even more powerful is perhaps the most important thing we can do.” Ken Perlin told UploadVR


“But such an evolution in language is not something that we can invent,” he continued. “As evolutionary linguists have discovered, natural language can only be evolved by children, through their use of it when communicating with other children. What we can do — and what our group at NYU is starting to do through the technology and content experiments that we are working on now — is start to create the conditions within which such an evolution can occur.”


“My very first thought, upon seeing the high quality, low latency and impressive rotation tracking, was that I must purchase a Motion Capture system for our lab, because now we could finally prototype a truly social virtual reality experience,” he said. “That is, one with no latency or other distracting artifacts, and no need for people to be attached to a wire or even a backpack.”


“Our long term research goals are to understand, experientially, the sort of future that Verno Vinge wrote about in his speculative fiction novel ‘Rainbows End‘ — when everybody will have cyber-enhanced vision, and walking around with the power of VR will be just an ordinary part of our daily lives.”


tilt brush

Tilt Brush is a powerful virtual 3D painting app. It’s like a Photoshop designed specifically for virtual reality content and experience creation!

Tilt Brush & HoloJam

HoloJam demo is available at the SIGGRAPH 2015’s new VR Village. HoloJam demo reminds me of Tilt Brush, although they are all essential different. Tilt Brush, acquired by Google, allows you to paint in the virtual space without putting the painting in the virtual space as an avatar. However, Tilt Brush is a full-functioned painting app, according to what we witnessed from its live event demo; Tilt Brush is able to create intricate 3D paintings that can put viewers inside a virtual painted realm.


[contentblock id=40]


Nevertheless, we have just witnessed what is possible when combining virtual painting, body and room-scale motion tracking, social metaverse VR technologies!


Content Source: UploadVR, Ken Perlin, SIGGRAPH 2015, HoloJam Youtube

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