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Home Depot, Clorox, and Bloomin Brands Launch 360° Interactive Campaigns

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360° interactive content is now a gateway for brands to use Virtual Reality in their ad campaigns. As brands and their agencies navigate how to best take advantage of immersive media platforms like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, scale and complexity of creative is creating challenges to get the most out of these mediums. As such, brands are looking to 360° interactive content as a lightweight and cost-effective way to immerse their audience in a new form of storytelling.

360° Video is not brand new to the industry. For the past 2 years Google and Facebook have encouraged brands to create 360° Video content for distribution on YouTube and Facebook. However, while many brands have taken advantage of this new media format, these same brands are now looking to add interactivity to these experiences to further user engagement with these campaigns. Home Depot, Clorox, and Bloomin Brands are just three examples of brands using OmniVirt’s proprietary 360° interactive video technology to customize and launch their campaigns.

“Compared with linear 360° video, interactive 360° content creates an opportunity for consumers to actively engage and choose their own adventure,” notes Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt. “We are seeing our customers looking to supplement their 360° video and photos with interactive and engaging experiences that allow them to dive deeper into the experience.”

Clorox’s Fresh Step brand is used interactive 360° content to engage its consumer with its brand’s promise. For the roll-out of the Fresh Step + Febreze product, this CPG company wanted to communicate that you will never be able to find your cats because your home will smell like an ocean breeze. To make this clear, users were invited into an interactive 360° game where cats were hidden all around the room. Users would need to find the cats as quickly as possible and share the experience across social media.

In similar fashion, Home Depot launched its interactive 360° campaign using OmniVirt’s technology on Pinterest. Looking to reach the DIY community, this retailer created interactive 360° content of a bathroom and a living room to demonstrate to its audience how to redesign the perfect home. Delivering this experience through promoted pins was a first for Pinterest and provided the retailer with the target audience and media channel they needed for the campaign.

Even Bloomin Brands is creating interactive 360° content for its Flemings Steakhouse. In partnership with the creative agency The LOLA Agency, OmniVirt technology was used to launch an interactive 360° experience. Distributed through 360° ad units, Flemings Steakhouse brought its audience on a tour of four different wineries where the restaurant sourced wine for its seasonal menu. Combining beautiful 2D photos and videos, the 360° experience incorporates the story of the winery and its food to give the audience an understanding of everything that goes into the delicious dishes that are being prepared for the company’s seasonal menu.

These are just three examples of major brands utilizing 360° interactive content as a staple creative in their media campaigns. As more brands and agencies look to immersive media formats for their marketing campaigns, we expect 360° interactive to continue to be a staple format for these campaigns.

About OmniVirt

OmniVirt is VR/AR advertising platform founded by former Google and YouTube employees. The company powers distribution of immersive media advertising experiences across its premium publisher network, supporting multiple high profile campaigns for clients like Toyota, Clorox, Samsung, Chevron, Universal Pictures and Johnnie Walker. Its technology is leveraged by the The New York Times, AOL, Yahoo!, Time Inc, Wall Street Journal, Vice Media, NatGeo, Discovery and many more. The company has received funding from top venture capitalists including Andreessen Horowitz, Greycroft, BDMI, Horizon Media, First Round Capital and many others.

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