Hot Pockets x Virtual Reality ???

virtual reality headset commercial hot pockets

Hot Pockets VR Commercial

When I was in college two things saved my life and from severe starvation, as I was always broke, because I spent all my money collecting 12 inch vinyls…  They were Jack in the Box dollar menu and Hot Pockets!  Thank you Hot Pockets, I still love you!


Hot Pockets is one of the first microwave food / snack company that’s diggin’ the VR technology and headsets!  Hot Pockets will keep all of you energy-drained VR gamers alive and energized!    This commercial will reach mass consumers and introduce them to new world of virtual reality, VR headsets and VR gaming!

Author: Jason Spock

Jason is the the world's number 1 fan of Mr. Spock from Star Trek! Old school Arcade and video game addict while growing up in the big 80's. Die hard game geek turned tech & trend blogger, setting his heart on the future of Virtual Reality!

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