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How Jaunt And Paul McCartney Are Using VR To Bring Storytelling Into Music?

The White Album by the Beatles will probably give you glossy prints of the stars which would be like seeing their photos on the cover of Rolling Stone. Indeed, there have been special editions of this magazine, which one might love to see, especially of the late stars of this renowned brand.
Gateway to the past
If you are looking at the way liner notes were designed, you would be transported to another world if you remember the piercing images of your favorite artists and the details about an album or its creation that would be detailed on the laminated pages. McCartney has probably been the smaller figure of the collages you might have seen of the Beatles, but he is the one who exists to tell the tales of these legendary singers. There are many portraits, some taken by the singers caught unawares in their act of singing or performing which make them memorable the most.
The loss of liner notes
Today all the streaming services have made us lose out the glamor of liner notes. The textual journey of albums and the singers is lost out in the world of online streaming of music. As it is easier to find the music you wish to listen to or download, the age of looking at editor’s notes or biography of the singers and the album is an effort that many do not put up with as it often requires additional subscription services.
Recapturing storytelling in music
Sir Paul McCartney as well as the Jaunt team in August 2014 has been pioneering to recapture the art of storytelling for music which can be achieved through VR cinematic experience. The program, called Pure McCartney VR being produced at Jaunt will have documentary series for the listeners along with some of the music videos and favorite songs of the artist, which is hoped to be a great replacement for the liner notes of yesteryear albums and records.
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SoundStage in VR Can be the Music Sound Tool for the Future

There are several audio workstations today where one can produce music of different genres. For music producers who are looking to use VR in music making might wish to know how sound design and production would happen in VR platform.
One such tool is SoundStage which depends on traditional music production techniques in the new platform.
If you are wondering, that’s how the music composition would be like with this tool, you can imagine yourself surrounded by synthesizers which offer different modulation techniques. You would be surrounded by gear that might be traditional, but the platform would certainly need some getting used to. There are demo modes like Synth, Rhythm and Sequencer. These offer pre programmed sounds that can help you to get started by adding new instruments, erasing and starting afresh or modifying the sounds that exist.
There are sequencer, maracas as well as keyboard features which are part of the menu that allows for sound creation to happen. Every tool comes with a virtual jack that allows you to add on other instruments which allow you to modify sounds as you see fit. You can work with the speakers by expanding or shrinking them and this can be done by moving your arms. You can create a wall of speakers by a sweeping motion of your arms. The deep bass sound creation while wearing a SubPac crate a feeling akin to being a god.
Summarizing, SoundStage allows you to play around with music in a digitally modified environment which is made possible by the VR platform.

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