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Hubblo VR Camera – 360° 3D 4K | Real-time stitching | Live-streaming

After reaching the finals of Last Gadget Standing at CES 2017 and being written about over 300 times, Hubblo’s bleeding edge prosumer camera officially launched on Indiegogo on Tuesday, February 28th at 9am EST.

Hubblo PX6 is the world’s first standalone VR broadcasting system for under $1000. Crowdfunding backers can expect PX6 production in June and shipping in July of 2017.

360 Degree VR Camera Guide

Using biomimicry to simulate immersive 3D vision, and in-hardware (not software) processing, the PX6 offers VR prosumers and enthusiasts a long awaited one-click solution that’s about the same height as an iPhone 6. Connect multiple cameras to a live-streaming server and you have a very powerful, affordable VR broadcasting platform that’s suitable for huge events with massive audience interactions.

Featuring 6 x 200° fish-eye lenses in 3 distinct pairs, 4K resolution at 30fps, connectivity via Wi-fi, bluetooth or Micro-USB, up to 128GB internal storage and a battery that allows for 1 hour of live-streaming without scrambling for an outlet, you might think they would’ve skimped a bit on the rest, but it’s sturdy metal-alloy casing screams otherwise.

Hubblo, however, isn’t only looks, speed and futuristic tech, it’s also a safe bet for backers. The PX6 is being created by a 20+ member team – led by CEO Eric Tsang – a former Silicon Valley engineer who worked for the likes of OPTi, bFrame Logic and Broadcom. After 10 years in the US, Eric came back to Shanghai and went on to found two startups including Montage Technology Group that achieved IPO and a 70+ million dollar valuation.


“We want to make products for 2 to 3 years in the future, not something that already exists. Our core innovation is to do with video resolution; this tech is at least one year ahead of the market. Artists, performers, event hosts, and anyone who wants to expand their audience beyond a physical location can simply do it with the push of a button,” says Eric.

In addition to offering a long awaited, well-priced bit of kit to producers who are tired of laborious stitching and complex work flows, during the crowdfunding campaign Hubblo will be running a series of social live-streaming events, behind the scenes looks, as well as contests where content creators and VR enthusiasts can win their very own Hubblo PX6 using #DitchTheStitch.

Thanks to a generous partnership with Samsung, press can arrange to meet and demo Hubblo PX6 at MWC 2017. Contact Dan Cunningham, Global Marketing Director at Hubblo VR, to arrange a demo meeting.

Key features

360 Spherical, 3D Immersive

The PX6’s triangular design delivers 360° spherical, panoramic vision with three pairs of 200° fish-eye lenses. Dedicated sensors on each lens provide the highest quality of image-capture. Stereoscopic output accounts for left and right eye movement, creating true-to-life depth perception for a fully-immersive 3D experience.

Portable, Easy-to-use

The PX6 is portable and lightweight, handheld or tripod mountable. The height of the camera is less than an iPhone 6! You don’t need any additional software, just high speed Internet access and cell phone apps that can be downloaded for iOS or Android. Setup is easy as can be; just connect to your network and live stream at the push of a button.

Real-Time Stitching, 4K Live Streaming

Whereas most VR cameras require you to do the image stitching yourself, Hubblo does all the hard work in camera, saving hours of laborious post-processing. It gathers data from all six cameras simultaneously; correcting and stitching images in real-time to create a stunning 360° spherical, 3D-immersive video stream. The video can be broadcasted or stored in 4K 30fps quality, and viewed with any cellphone VR headset using Hubblo’s iOS and Android apps.


Recorded video output

3D 360° video: 4K, 30fps

2D 360° video: 2K, 30fps

30 Mbps (bitrate) MP4

Live-streaming video output

Optimum bandwidth 3D 360° live stream: 3840*2160 (16:9)

Low bandwidth 3D 360° live stream: 2160*2160 (1:1 ratio)

2D 360° live stream: 2160*1080 (2:1)

H.264 codec, RTSP/RTMP (protocol), 15Mbps (optimum bandwidth)

Share: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat

Still photography output

3D 360° photo: 3840*2160 (16:9), 2160*2160 (1:1)

2D 360° photo: 2160*1080 (2:1)


Other specifications

Lenses: 6 x 200° fish-eye, F2.6 Aperture

Sensors: 6 x 3.15MP

Connectivity: WiFi 802.11n/ac, Bluetooth, MicroUSB

Storage: 32Gb internal, 128Gb MicroSD, Smartphone (64Gb = 4.5hr, 4K, 30fps)

Audio: Built-in stereo microphone, Wireless Bluetooth microphone

Power: 12V DC adapter, 4000mAH removable battery (up to 1-hour standard use)

Dimensions: 103mm x 103mm x 124mm

Weight: >800g

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Apps: Hubblo VR Player, Hubblo VR Camera Control, Hubblo VR Live (iOS & Android)


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