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The University of Oklahoma, Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools and others are using the Vuze VR Camera to more effectively teach the principles of virtual reality and its power to create immersive experiences

HumanEyes Technologies today announced the launch of a new education program, ‘VR Horizons’, dedicated to putting virtual reality (VR) cameras in the hands of educators so they can develop immersive VR curriculum to give students the full capabilities to learn how to produce and share immersive VR stories in preparation for careers that use VR as a tool.

As part of the program launch, HumanEyes today announced several leading higher education institutions and secondary school districts that are already using the Vuze VR Camera, including The University of Oklahoma’s journalism and mass communication college, Gaylord College, as well as Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools.

“We believe that VR has a key place in the classroom for educators to build a curriculum that prepares students to join the future workforce. We are proud to support educators who do such an amazing job giving students the best start in their careers. Personally, and as a company, we are excited for the opportunity to help bring the innovative Vuze VR Camera to students,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of HumanEyes.

The University of Oklahoma Embraces the Future of Journalism with VR Storytelling

The University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College incorporated the Vuze VR Camera into their curriculum last year to help bring innovative storytelling technology to their journalism students. Five-time Emmy award-winning Professor Kathleen Johnson selected the Vuze VR Camera for its affordability and ease-of-use, and has expanded the program to include narrative and commercial storytelling. In addition, “remote student reporters” who will be attending classes for a semester in Washington, DC, will be covering Oklahoma-focused stories in the nation’s capital.

“We chose to integrate VR 360-degree content into our curriculum because the media industry is headed in this direction, and our students need to bring this experience to the workforce. What the students have learned will help form the basis of what virtual reality production will become,” said Kathleen Johnson, Professor at Gaylord College. “During the practicum, students shoot short stories in 3D 360-degree content, which are then shared with others. I believe VR storytelling has made our students better journalists, as they must be aware of the entire 360-degree view around them, versus what only fits in the frame, which can add different elements to a story that may not have been present before.”

Dave Ternent, a seventh grade STEM teacher from Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools, teaches a VR creation class that includes 3D printing, VR software and VR content production. He selected the Vuze VR camera for its durability and high 4K resolution. Students shoot video of sports teams for video analysis of practices and players, as well as 360-degree video of school plays and of​ ​students writing and directing skits where the camera is a character, which is an idea that came from the drama teacher.

“I want to prepare my students for the world they are going to live in, especially the design/manufacturing workplace, not what is around now,” said Dave Ternent, seventh grade STEM teacher. “3D and VR content are how companies design and create their products.”

To encourage the adoption of innovation in the classroom, HumanEyes is making it easier for educators to start using VR technology in the classroom. The Vuze VR Camera is now available in several student and classroom friendly kits with special educator pricing, including:

VR Beginners $599 (MSRP $799)

Includes a Vuze VR Camera and unlimited licenses for the Vuze VR Studio.

VR Beginners 5 Pack $2,495 (MSRP $3995)

Includes 5 Vuze VR Cameras and unlimited licenses for the Vuze VR Studio.

VR Classroom Starter Kit $799 (MSRP $1500 )

Includes a Vuze VR Camera, protective cover, tripod, 64 GB Micro SD card, Zeiss VR headset, 10 mini VR glasses, Express Support, one Live broadcast license, one HumanEyes Zone yearly subscription, and unlimited licenses for the Vuze VR Studio.

VR Classroom Starter Kit 5 Pack $3,495 (MSRP $7100)

Includes 5 Vuze Classroom Starter Kits and unlimited licenses for the Vuze VR Studio. Custom VR packages are also available (contact HumanEyes for details)

The Vuze VR Camera is the industry’s first affordable 3D 360-degree VR camera. It includes eight full HD cameras, which simultaneously capture dynamic 360-degree VR video or stills in stunning 4K resolution. The camera allows for the simplest and most cost-effective way to capture highly immersive, professional quality 360-degree VR video and includes live broadcasting capabilities.

For more information on the Vuze VR Horizon’s Education program visit the website. To order, please visit www.Vuze.Camera You can also follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.


About HumanEyes:

Founded in 2000, HumanEyes is a veteran in 3D and animated content creation and has over 70 patents covering relevant technologies and processes across the market. Recognizing the growth potential in VR, HumanEyes has focused its longstanding experience in the space to provide end-to-end VR video solutions that make the creation of virtual and augmented reality content easy and accessible to everyone from professionals to consumers. As the vibrant VR and AR market segments develop, HumanEyes is helping define the innovation standards that will drive mass appeal, with the Vuze and Vuze + VR Cameras. HumanEyes’ multi-patented computer vision technologies inside the world’s first affordable VR camera are enabling the bustling ecosystem of creation, production and publishing of unprecedented immersive VR experiences.

HumanEyes is headquartered in Israel with offices in the U.S. For more information on HumanEyes, go to http://www.HumanEyes.com For more information on the Vuze VR Camera, please visit http://Vuze.Camer

About Gaylord College:

Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the largest colleges at the University of Oklahoma, located in the city of Norman, Oklahoma. Ranked a top five journalism college by the RTDNA, it offers five areas of study: journalism, advertising, creative media production, professional writing, and public relations. Gaylord College’s state of the art facility includes computer and broadcast labs, professional equipment utilizing the latest technology, two production studios, and an integrated advertising and public relations agency.

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