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HUXLEY by EXIT VR Won the German Computer Game Award

HUXLEY, the first German virtual reality live adventure, was awarded the prize in the category “Best Innovation” at the German Computer Game Prize (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) 2018. The category “Best Innovation” focuses on the development of unique hardware and software technologies for digital games. The price is endowed with 40,000 Euros.

Max Mühlbach, one of the four EXIT VR founders, is proud: “We have already been extremely happy about the two nominations at the German Computer Game Prize 2018 and can hardly believe that we have now also won it as” Best Innovation”. It is great to know that our work and the creative achievements are rewarded in this way and HUXLEY obviously not only convinces the gamer, but can also stand the test of an expert jury. The story of HUXLEY can now be written on. ”

HUXLEY II about to be released late summer 2018

The German Computer Game Prize is another highlight honouring the innovative work of the Berlin-based company EXIT VR. The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg also awarded the continuation of HUXLEY’s history with a grant of 70,000 Euros. In “HUXLEY II – The Race for the Future of Humanity” new adventures are waiting around the robot in the post-apocalyptic virtual reality setting. The background for the promotion is that VR is used more and more not only to entertain but also in the beyond entertainment area and will be part of the work and leisure world, but also everyday life in the future.

Another milestone

The numbers of visitors at Exit VR show that this thesis is and will be true: by the end of March, HUXLEY was able to break through the magic number of 10,000 players – within ten months (start: June 01, 2017). An average of 1,000 players per month are immersed in the post-apocalyptic world of virtual reality and saved humanity.

In the near future, it will also be possible to meet HUXLEY throughout the world, because then, there are nine branches worldwide for the virtual reality live adventure made in Berlin – four of them at different locations in Germany, one in Vienna, two in the US and one each in Milan and Cape Town.

Boiler Plate

EXIT VR was launched in May 2017. The idea for HUXLEY came from Rael Hoffmann and Max Mühlbach, the founders of Berlin’s largest provider of Live Escape Games, EXIT®, and Sven Haeberlein and Nico Nonne, founders of the Berlin VR studio Trotzkind. In the VR Live Adventure, players can use their own creativity in a completely new virtual environment. In the virtual world, they find themselves in 3007. Life on earth no longer exists. The players are the last survivors of humanity on a space station, where they receive a call for help from the earth – from then on, they have 44 minutes to undo the downfall of mankind.

In reality, each of the two up to eight players is in its own room of about 15 square meters. Equipped with a wireless computer backpack from ZOTAC, HTC Vive glasses and two controllers, they explore the VR worlds. The atmosphere of a real air raid shelter in Berlin-Mitte adds an extra dose of tension.
If you like this fantastic adventure, you can find further information at https://exit-vr.de/berlin


EXIT VR is a joint venture of EXIT® and the Berlin VR Studio Trotzkind. Together with a team of 10 developers, the four founders created the game HUXLEY within seven months. The VR Live Adventure combines Live Escape Game and Virtual Reality to create a unique, digital experience.


EXIT VR – Live Adventure Klosterstraße 62 | 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Tickets are available from 24.75 Euros per person

About EXIT®

Founded in 2014 by Rael Hoffmann and Max Mühlbach, EXIT® is Berlin’s first and now largest provider of live escape games – for which the company is also known throughout Germany. In an old air raid shelter near Alexanderplatz in Berlin, groups of two to fifty players from six different missions can choose. Further information at www.exit-game.de


Trotzkind GmbH is a Berlin-based multimedia agency that develops content and technologies in the field of immersive media, such as VR, AR 360 ° videos, films and interactive installations. They master the art of digital storytelling by cleverly combining the interactivity of games with the emotionality of film language. Trotskind is working on technical innovations such as reconstructing objects in a photorealistic three-dimensional way and bringing filmed people into virtual worlds. Further information at www.trotzkind.de

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