icaros flying simulator

ICAROS: Virtual Reality Flying Experience Simulator

Hyve is a Berlin, Germany based VR startup. According to Hyve’s on-site demo video, the team has been build a virtual reality simulator called “ICAROS” that is aiming to provide users a unique flying experience. ICAROS is set out to be a combination of VR fitness and gaming device!



icaros vr simulator

ICAROS trains user’s different muscle groups!


icaros design

ICAROS is designed to improve your balance and reflexes!


The ICAROS is designed to simulate a flying experience, however at the same time, ICAROS is also designed to train users’ muscle, improves balance and reflexes!



You’ll need a computer, VR headset and a smartphone to use ICAROS!


The ICAROS prototype has been finished and tested by the Gizmodo team in Hyve’s Berlin office. The exact price and launching date has not been confirmed, if any news we will keep you informed.


Image & Content Source: icaros.net & Gizmodo

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