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ImagineVR and REAL Announce the Release of ItazuraVR

ImagineVR Inc., the California-based company behind the VR content distribution platform ImagineVR, and REAL, Japanese adult game development studio, today announce the release of ItazuraVR for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality Sex Game

ItazuraVR is an adult VR game designed for multiple VR platforms. It is a game where a user engages in conversation and activities with Rui, an acquaintance from your youth who has just moved to your town.

Players can decide what response to give to her questions and can interact with her. At one point, users find themselves having to fan her to cool her off. Rui makes eye contact with the player and scolds them when they admire her body and ignore her questions. Users find the lifelike realism of the experience and freedom to choose dialogue responses make ItazuraVR very immersive and fun to re-play.

ItazuraVR Official English Site:

Visit her in her apartment! You can find her engaging in different activities depending on the time of day.

Disclaimer: A character appearing in this game is digitally created and is intend to be over 18 years old.

About ImagineVR™

ImagineVR™ is a virtual reality content platform ( offering publishing services. In cooperation with Japan’s leading entertainment download shop, ImagineVR™ offers comprehensive support to creators of all types, to distribute their content within Japan, and throughout the world.

About REAL

REAL is an adult game developer in Japan. REAL is a brand name which specializes in 3D works of their various product lines. Its parent company is ARTLINK.

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