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IM360: New Join Venture to Create Immersive 360 Degree Videos

Immersive Media is one of the world’s premier immersive and interactive 360 degree video producer, specializes in patented 360 degree video capturing, production, rendering, playback, real-time live streaming and distribution for entertainment and branding.

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immersive 360 degree video

Immersive Media 360 video camera.

360 degree video camera

Immersive Media 360 camera.

Immersive Media 360 camera.

Immersive Media 360 camera.


Immersive Media had introduced a full digital camera set up way back in 2004, and had been producing 360 degree video ever since! They are the true pioneer of the concept!

Immersive Media started in 1994, when Youtube or online video streaming didn’t even exist! Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, and with U.S. research and innovation centre and office in Washougal, Los Angeles and Dallas.


immersive media tweet

Immersive Media is the fist to introduce the 360 video concept. They earned the bragging rights!


You may not have heard of Immersive Media just yet, but you probably have used Google Map’s street view. Immersive Media was the one that introduced the technology, idea, and concept to Google back in 2006! Below is a short interview with Immersive Media team from the NAB Show by No Film School Crew.

Immersive Media’s technology was also used in inaugural Parade of George W. Bush’s presidential motorcade for security surveillance, inauguration of President Barack Obama, and underwater research and survey of Fiji’s coral reef ecosystem with the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation.

Immersive Media’s Impressive 360 Degree Virtual Video Content Library

On Immersive Media’s website’s content area, there are tons of 360 degree video for your viewing pleasure. Click the below video image to check them out!

taylor swift american express unstaged

Taylor Swift Behind the Scenes – AMEX UNSTAGED


A modern fairy tale in the form of cinematic and virtual storytelling!

immersive media 360 warren g regulate

Another 360 video we enjoyed is Warren G. performing “Regulate” with Snoop! A forever classic track! ( You can find the video in IM’s content library!

Immersive Media is currently making virtual 360 degree videos and virtual content for the Samsung Gear VR , as a bundle for the recent Gear VR launch in the US. IM360 videos will also be available for the Oculus Rift and Avegant Glyph.

Immersive Media also produced several innovative branding and promo campaigns and videos for clients such as American Express, Lexus, AMEX, Land Rover, The Black Eyed Peas, ABC News and Taylor Swift.

On April 2, 2015. Immersive Media officially announced on their website that Immersive Media has formed a joint venture with Academy Award winning digital production studio “Digital Domain Holdings Limited and created” IM360!”


digital domain immersive media join venture

Digital Domain Holdings Limited is the parent company of Visual Effects studio Digital Domain, the creative force behind some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including “Iron Man 3,” the Transformers trilogy, “Maleficent,” the X-Men franchise and “Titanic.”

With the two companies’ groundbreaking technologies integrated, IM360 will raise the bar for immersive visual storytelling and virtual 360 degree content creation!

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