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Immerz, Inc. Expands European Retail Availability for its Immersive KOR-FX Gaming Vest

“The KOR-FX Gaming Vest transforms game, movie or VR audio into acousto-haptic signals allowing users to actually feel their virtual environments.”

Immerz, Inc., an award-winning developer of cutting edge products and technologies, today announced newly expanded retail partnerships with Overclockers UK and CaseKing.de to will bring its wireless KOR-FX Gaming Vest to European retail consumers. A premier accessory for the expanding horizons of virtual reality, KOR-FX seamlessly integrates with the latest VR hardware including Oculus devices, HTC VIVETM and Sony PlayStation® VR. With the expanded retail availability, European customers can realize significant savings on VAT and other import duties, while drastically improving delivery schedules.



The KOR-FX Gaming Vest pairs with the latest gaming and virtual reality technologies to deliver the tactile component of a completely immersive experience. The wireless KOR-FX Gaming Vest uses proprietary acousto-haptic 4DFX technology to transform game audio into tactile feedback allowing gamers to actually feel the in-game environment complete with accurate magnitude and directionality. Combined with the latest generation of virtual reality technology, KOR-FX brings a new level of immersion to just about any gaming experience. Adjustable haptic filters and control settings allow gamers to fine-tune feedback sensitivity to customize their gaming experience.


“With the rapidly expanding virtual reality ecosystem finding applications not only for entertainment and gaming but for industrial and commercial uses, KOR-FX is helping to bring those virtual environments to life with actual tactical sensations,” said Immerz CEO, Seth Fandetti. “These new retail partnerships with Overclockers and CaseKing now allow us to better serve the European market where we’ve seen ongoing and considerable demand for KOR-FX.”


Designed as a plug-and-play peripheral for virtual reality headsets, gaming consoles, PCs, tablets, smartphones and almost any device, the KOR-FX immersive experience also extends beyond gaming to movies, music and other audio-infused VR applications. KOR-FX connects via 3.5mm audio jack or optical cable to the player’s VR, gaming or audio system via a wireless dongle. This wireless connection and the vest’s lightweight design allow users to move freely amongst their VR sensors and avoid fatigue during extended use.


For more information on the KOR-FX Gaming Vest, please visit: http://korfx.com/. Current owners can also visit the KOR-FX forums for detailed instructions on how to connect their vest with the latest SteamTM connected virtual reality hardware.


About Immerz, Inc.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Immerz, Inc. is an award-winning developer of cutting edge products and technologies. Founded in 2009, Immerz has been refining its patented acousto-haptic technology which powers its immersive entertainment and communications devices including its flagship KOR-FX Gaming Vest. For more information about Immerz and KOR-FX please visit: http://korfx.com


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