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IndoTraq™ Now Makes Location Based Virtual Reality (LBVR) Affordable and Mobile

IndoTraq™, developers of the fastest and most precise (sub millimeter) wireless indoor/outdoor position tracking system, announced their latest patented technology advancement for LBVR. The company, who prides their position tracking being applicable across multiple vertical markets, is set to significantly enhance the future of 3D position tracking; especially for large tracking areas.

“After trying various LBVR systems, we noticed there are no affordable, easy to setup tracking systems out there. We are excited to collaborate with LBVR companies and bring an enhanced, free roaming with little to no latency experience to more people over larger spaces,” says IndoTraq™ founder, Michael Hamilton.

IndoTraq™ has been integrated into applications such as Augmented Reality, Drones, Autonomous Cars, Robotics, Light & Camera Tracking, First Responders, Military Simulation/Training, but has spent the past few months solving the issue of affordability and lack of mobility for many LBVR companies. Michael Thai, IndoTraq™ Sales added, “When we realized how expensive it is to purchase a tracking system for a LBVR and noticed the ridiculous amount of time it takes to set up, break down and set up again; we had to figure out a way to make this whole thing more affordable and mobile.”

To learn more about the IndoTraq™ HSVT Technology, pricing, or to schedule a call, email sales(at) or visit the website at

About IndoTraq:
IndoTraq™ builds position tracking technology and solutions that monitor precise movement, acceleration and rotation in three dimensions which in turn generates actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses, becoming more efficient, develop new products and enter into new markets.

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