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Creative Agency Inowize Announces Premium Location-Based VR Attraction

The VR Quest Arena – a complex virtual reality entertainment solution, specially designed for fun centers and theme parks. Check the demo trailer video.

Inowize is a digital production agency that specializes in developing virtual reality and interactive solutions for entertainment centers and amusement parks. In October, the company will launch a high-end LBE VR system called The VR Quest Arena. The attraction will come with two custom developed VR titles: an action packed multiplayer game and a hyper-immersive single player experience.

In a nutshell, The VR Quest Arena is a turnkey, location-based virtual reality attraction. The noteworthy part, it will run three types of VR experiences on the same gaming area: single player, multiplayer PVE and multiplayer PVP. On top of everything, it will have a lot of great perks: large walking environments, multi-sensory features, high quality graphics, dynamic and engaging content.

I believe, our experiences go beyond gaming, we develop content focused on user immersion, on inducing emotions and recreating a feeling of adventure,” said Claudia Mihalache, Co-founder of Inowize.

The games are going to be mapped on a 4.5 m by 4.5 m space. In order to enhance the replay factor and user involvement, the company will also add complex leaderboard and tournament options for its multiplayer games.

We aim to produce only high quality VR content, not just because we want our experiences to look good, but also because we want people to feel more comfortable with virtual reality, to embrace it as a new entertainment option,” said Claudia Mihalache, Co-founder of Inowize, referring to the companys upcoming projects.

Inowize produces all the content for The VR Quest Arena. Grim Helm, their single player title, was previewed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles at the end of July and it got a lot of praises. The experience is a fantasy adventure that takes people inside an old dungeon. Users have to explore the decrepit fortress, evade deadly traps and escape the mighty beast that lurks in the shadows. The experience stands out through its highly polished graphics, level of engagement and its many fun-thrilling moments.

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