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This Company Is Revolutionizing The Way We Learn

Founded in 1999, EON Realiis headquartered in Irvine, California with subsidiaries in Manchester, UK, Singapore, and Sweden. EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment. The company has created a library of VR content, and is constantly working on developing new content in-house or through external partnerships.

Eon Reality Exclusive Tour

Virtual Reality Reporter, we visited Eon Reality to checkout some of the cutting-edge virtual reality and augmented reality products at Eon’s headquarter. Global Marketing Manager, Mark Cheben, gave us an exclusive company tour and commented on some of the latest trends in virtual reality and direction that company is heading.


The company is very excited about virtual reality mobile, but instead of targeting one specific device like the Gear VR that only works on a Note 4, Eon Reality is more focused on the generic VR platforms.


Mark commented that “the problem is now is that the VR ecosystem is currently fragmented, that’s why it’s important to have our software work on all the platforms. …….Oculus still requires a CPU, but everything in the computing world is moving away from computers. Smartphones these days are almost as powerful as computers 5 years ago…..3D and virtual reality training is so successful is because people can touch and feel, and learn by doing…. concepts that are hard to visualize.


Other avenue Eon is excited about is taking 360° videos and adding interactive 3D elements that can immerse user in the virtual environment, wrapping user experience in real experiences.


Eon Reality’s proprietary software run on multiple hardware platforms from from mobile phone to a 30 person dome, these hardware platforms include:


Eon Icatcher



Eon Ibench



Eon Interactive mirror



Eon Idome




Eon Idesk



Eon Icube



The company is also leverage virtual reality technology to help companies build their brands in a very public setting. As soon as we walk into the demonstration room, we see a huge glass screen, which is piece of acrylic glass that has special coding on it can be displayed in 2D or 3D. The display can be great for things such as showrooms, car dealership, and trade show product demonstration.


Mark show us various demonstrations such as virtual dissection of the human body, 3D model of a neuron, 3D rendering of the human eye, floristry simulation, skydiving simulation on the Oculus goggle, football player training, roller coaster ride, and interactive virtual simulation ride on the Idome.


We experienced simulations such as one that allows doctor or medical students to practice how to perform an eye inspection after a patient is involved in a car accident. This is a great way to set best practices for doctors and students, a function that would normally be impossible to achieve, but possible in a simulation.


Another cool simulation was an accurate 3D rendering of the human eye. This project initially started because medical professionals realized that there are no good teaching tools on the market that help students visualize complex organs such as the human eye, as all teaching material that was available were just 2D videos and images.


One of the most immersive experience was inside the Icube. In the roller coaster simulation, we nearly fell over standing on flat ground because the experience felt so real.


Eon’s software platform enable teachers and students take pre-created 3D assets and place them into a scene, and from there add annotations to create interactive 3D lessons. For the first time, student and teacher can interact and collaborate to enhance the learning process.


Anything high risk of injuries, high cost can benefit very much from Eon’s virtual simulation solution platform. Similar application can be used to train things such as the oil & gas industry, geology exploration, and chemical plant maintenance. We really love what the company has done, and looking forward to seeing more exciting products from Eon Reality to revolutionize the way we learn.


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