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Inter Solar 83: A Stellar Fusion of ’80s Nostalgia and Modern VR Exploration

Inter Solar 83 promises a celestial experience, blending the vibrant aesthetics of the ’80s with the uncharted territories of space exploration. Scheduled to debut on PC VR next year, this game represents the epitome of immersive virtual reality experiences.

Behind the Scenes: The Brainchild of Joe Chisholm

Orchestrated by the prodigious solo developer, Joe Chisholm—famed for his previous venture, “Go For Launch: Mercury”—Inter Solar 83 is brought to life under the banner of First Time Games. This game challenges players to master the art of spaceship management, ensuring survival through a combination of wits, dexterity, and resourcefulness. Players are thrust into a realm where every decision is pivotal, and the intricacies of repairing, researching, and crafting resources become paramount in the voyage between stars.

Embarking on the Interstellar Odyssey

Inter Solar 83 stands out with its unique approach to gameplay. Utilizing a procedurally generated universe, it assures an endless horizon for space exploration. The game boasts “seamless” hyperspace travel, eliminating the impediment of loading screens, and allowing players to immerse themselves in uninterrupted cosmic adventures. Narratives unravel as players stumble upon remnants scattered in the cosmos—be it enigmatic crashed ships or ancient alien artifacts, each echoing tales of yore and prophecies of the universe.

Joe Chisholm’s Vision for Inter Solar 83

In an official statement, Joe Chisholm encapsulated the essence of the game, “Inter Solar 83 is not just a game; it’s a journey. It offers players an unparalleled VR adventure, echoing the solitude and magnificence of interstellar travel. Here, every choice resonates, and survival is a testament to one’s adaptability and inventiveness.”

Kickstarter Campaign: A Leap of Faith

With aspirations to elevate the game to unparalleled heights, a Kickstarter campaign for Inter Solar 83 is set to launch on November 12. First Time Games offers backers enticing opportunities, including exclusive in-game content. This could range from making a virtual cameo in the game to the honor of naming an entire planet. However, potential backers are urged to exercise discretion. It’s pivotal to remember that Kickstarter is not synonymous with a preorder platform, and outcomes are not set in stone.

Release and Beyond

Currently, Inter Solar 83 has set its sights on a Q4 2024 early access release for PC VR, with a comprehensive launch envisioned for Q4 2025. As per insights shared with UploadVR, First Time Games presently has no intentions of extending Inter Solar 83 to other platforms.

Final Thoughts

With a harmonious blend of retro vibes and futuristic gameplay, Inter Solar 83 is poised to redefine the contours of VR gaming. As the gaming world waits with bated breath for its release, it’s evident that this celestial journey will be a landmark in virtual reality explorations.

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