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Intergalactic VR Strip Club and Burlesque with 3D Avatars of Kinky Robots and Sexy Humanoids from Outer Space

We are adding a new game to our list of 3D Adult Sites or 3D sex games! Purple Hazzze belongs to a completely new category of it own!

And you may ask: There is already a handful of Virtual Strip Clubs platform, why do we need another one? Because Purple Hazzze is a new and different breed of Adult VR gaming.

As the website suggested boldly on its homepageThe Purple Hazze an “Intergalactic VR Strip Club and Burlesque for all species”, Purple Hazzze Club is a new, weird and bizarre virtual burlesque and strip club with strip tease by sexy robots, aliens, extraterrestrial cross-breeds and humanoids, if you find yourself turned on by 3D avatars more than human porn stars, and often lusting over AI powered-robots or alien looking humanoids, this is your VR sex game!

To play Purple Hazzze, you have to purchase membership from the site’s official Patreon page. There are currently 3 levels from 3 USD, 10 USD to 25 USD per month with different access to the site’s content.


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VR Strip Club from Outer-space: Featuring Cyborg Porn Star and Robotic Strippers

Get ready for hot and sexy robot pole dancers and strippers. There are different 3D characters from different species such human and robot half breed, pale-white skin aliens. Currently there are 3 characters on the site:

Elise: the exotic half-robotic stripper in leather stockings. She is wild and sexy.

Kira: the reptile stripper that looks nothing like any stripper you find on earth.

Ginger: our top pick, a short hair kinky slut with freckles, cute pink hair, and super long legs.

Although the game would be of interest for anyone who is into adult VR games, but clearly, the VR adult game is mainly designed to target and attract people who are into freaky fun and bizarre fetish. The site is even referring its fans s the “Earthlings”. How cool is that!

Even though the game description may sound like a introduction for a sci-fi flick, but it is definitely a kinky and NSFW adult VR gaming platform and community. According to the site, the game is designed for open-minded individuals looking seeking real pleasure! Where player’s imagination can run wild in virtual reality with no limits!

The team who designed Purple Hazzze Club is consist of game designer, VR experts, VFX animation and special effects designer, coding experts, geeks and gamers alike. Combining their expertise and experience in game dev, game design and their passion for virtual reality!

“We decided to develop a high-quality VR entertainment for adults with unique lifestyles! We decided to go with VR as our main platform as it brings the most immersive experience possible now while setting out the highest possible standards for quality and optimization. But, we don’t want to bound or restrict our players and ourselves, too. So, we are going to make a desktop version, following by mobile and console ones! ” By Purple Hazzze Design Team

“Purple Hazzze is a versatile and unpredictable burlesque VR club where anyone can find entertainment and communication based on their own interests, without the embarrassment of any sort or fear of condemnation. Open your mind and let the future happen!” By Purple Hazzze Design Team

“Earthlings, behold! The intergalactic burlesque VR club for mature connoisseurs – Purple Hazzze opens a portal for all Earthlings! It’s your turn now, don’t miss out!” By Purple Hazzze Design Team

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According to the team, Purple Hazzze as a platform only has one motto, which is called FFF, which stands for Freaks, Fun, and Fetish! And you’ll get exactly that! Meet pleasure lovers like yourself!

What a naughty, weird and fun team! Just the way we like it!

So in case if you wonder what FFF really stands for according to the Purple Hazzze team:

“Calling all Freaks and game geeks with bizarre fetish for a non-human fantasy world”

F | Freaks – means a broad range of extraordinary realistic species with the extravagant appearance and defiant behavior that inhabited there:
– human (for ordinary folks)
– cyborgs
– extraterrestrial
– anime & more to come

F | Fun – we want to bring the pleasure of all sorts to you and your friends, you’ll be able to entertain, experience, relax, play, communicate, listen to music and watch videos while checking these jaw-dropping species performing for you!

F | Fetish – OMG!! only your imagination can stop you here! Customize everything you want – avatars, clothes, accessories, and even locations, choose the music you want and videos that you like! Set up the atmosphere of how you would like it to be and be real yourself there with the freedom that VR gives you!

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