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VR Start-up ANMLY Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Quality VR to the Masses

Virtual Reality Start-up ANMLY today announced the ANMLY Model A, a universal and modular VR system with built-in high fidelity audio and companion app. The company also launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Model A to market and help make immersive, audio-driven virtual reality accessible to all.

“Virtual reality is a $4 billion dollar market, but there is almost no middle ground for everyday people to have a high quality experience using their smartphone,” said Mikie Krisztal, founder and CEO of ANMLY. “Either they are spending hundreds of dollars on a PC-based system, need to have a specific phone and operating system, or are using a flimsy, bare bones headset without audio, none of which are ideal for the vast majority of people.”

Available with either an on-ear or over-ear headphone design, the Model A fits almost any smartphone and brings the virtual world to life with 45mm lenses for sharp, realistic images and crystal-clear audio and substantial bass. Completely modular, the Model A’s components can be swapped out for other colors and taken apart and cleaned. Crafted from flexible, yet durable EVA foam, the Model A is both soft and unbreakable, and at just five inches wide, it is smaller and less bulky than most competitors for a more comfortable fit.

The free ANMLY smartphone app offers access to a wide variety of curated virtual reality content from around the globe. From music to meditation, the ANMLY app provides something for everyone. In addition to the ANMLY app, the Model A also works with hundreds of other apps and experiences including with YouTubeVR, DiscoveryVR, Veer, Within, and RelaxVR, and more.

Designed with all audiences in mind, the ANMLY Model A retails for $70 for the on-ear version and $80 for the over-ear version, making it affordable for people interested in virtual reality but deterred by the cost or limitations of high quality systems currently on the market. “It’s impossible to have a truly immersive VR experience without high-quality audio, so it’s surprising to see so few affordable VR headsets on the market without it,” said Krisztal. “With ANMLY, we hope to redefine VR and bring it to the masses.”

Virtual reality commonly inspires, entertains and educates, but it also offers life-changing benefits for people suffering from a number of mental health issues. “Emerging research with VR has shown positive results in the treatment of conditions such as anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, phobias, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychoses, and social skills trainings for individuals with Autism,” said Erica Felsenthal, Ph.D Licensed Psychologist, Clinical/Neuropsychology. “In working with the ANMLY prototype, I believe this product could have far-reaching implications for getting high quality VR into the hands of many people who could benefit from it, and who would not otherwise be able to afford this technology.”

Kickstarter Campaign Details

The ANMLY Kickstarter campaign runs today through mid-September. The initial funding goal of $30,000 covers tooling and production costs of the initial Model A units. Funders receive the following Kickstarter pricing and benefits:

  • Earliest Bird: one Model A.1 for $40 or one Model A.2 for $50
  • Early Bird: one Model A.1 for $45 or one Model A.2 for $55
  • Kickstarter Special: one Model A.1 for $50 or one Model A.2 for $60
  • Two-for-one: two Model A.1s for $70 or two Model A.2s for $80


ANMLY expects to begin shipping the Model A just in time for the holiday shopping season in mid-December. The free ANMLY app will be available for iOS and Android at the same time.


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